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&P518918 = RINBE 2, Nabonidus 05 composite
#atf: lang akk
@object composite text
@surface a
1. a-na {d}inanna _gaszan_ [...]
2. ru-ba-a-ti ru-us,-s,u-un-ti _gaszan_-ia
3. {d}na3-na-'i-id _lugal_ babilax(|TIN.TIR|){ki}
4. za-ni-in e2-sag-il2 u e2-zi-da
5. mu-usz-te-e'-u2 asz-ra-a-ti-sza2 ana-ku
6. _{gesz}banszur mes-ma2-kan-na_ is,-s,i da-ri2-a
7. i-na _ku3-babbar_ eb-bi u3 _ku3-sig17_ nam-ri
8. uh-hi-iz-ma u2-ki-in ma-har-sza2
9. {d}inanna _gaszan_ dam-qa2-a-tu-u2-a
10. a-ta-mi-i ud-da-kam

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