CDLI Literary 000668 (Martu A) composite (P478888)

Literary artifact dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period

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Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)



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Literary (ETCSL 4.12.01 Martu A (composite))






surface a
1. ur-sag szul mah kur idim-ma za3-bi-sze3 til-la
2. {d}mar-tu szul mah kur idim-ma za3-bi-sze3 til-la
3. usu pirig husz hur-sag ki sikil-la barag ku3-ge si-a
4. {d}mar-tu usu pirig husz hur-sag ki sikil-la barag ku3-ge si-a
5. ni2 gal gur3-ru an ku3-ge tu-da me szar2-ra dalla e3
6. ama ugu-ni {d}nin-hur-sag-ga2-ke4
7. alan-na-ni me-dim2-sza im-mi-in-diri na-me sag nu-mu-e-szum2
8. {d}a-nun-na dingir gal-gal-e-ne
9. nam-ur-sag-ga2 a2 mu-ni-in-mah-e-esz gu3 zi3 mu-na-de2-esz
10. nam-nir-gal2 me3-a gaba-ni-sze3 du da-da-ra-sze3 mi-ni-[...]-du11
11. {gesz}tukul {gesz}mitum nu gal ti mar-uru5 szu mah-a-ni [...]
12. nam-dingir-ra szu gal mi-ni-in-du7-usz za3 sza4 nu-mu-[...]
13. gaba mu-un-zi sza3-tum2-sza3-tum2-ma x x x x x
14. mah gal-la-am3 a2 pirig gal2-la [...]
15. pirig banda3{da}-gin7 ni2 mu-un-da-ri
16. am a2 gur-ra-gin7 [...]
17. tu15 7(disz)-na za3 mu-ni-in-kesz2 izi mu-[...]
18. me3 szen-szen aga3-kar2 se3-se3-ga nim-gin7 [...]
19. ni2 mah-a-ni hul-gal2 dab5-dab5-be2 u18-lu [...]
20. iri nam ku5-ra2-a-ni a2-bi ki-bi nu-gi4-gi4
21. lugal-ra kur nu-sze-ga-ni mu-na-gul-gul-le
22. sipa zi3 sza3 ku3-ge pa3-da-ni-ir
23. {d}mar-tu dumu an-na szu mu-na-a-de6
24. mu-bi mu mah-am3 ka-ge dib-ba lu2 nu-mu-ni-in-[...]
25. dingir szu sikil szu-luh me zalag-zalag-ga me-ni
26. nig2-erim2 nig2-a2-zi im-mi-in-gul nig2-ge-na bi2-in-gub
27. dingir husz-a di si sa2 ku4-ku4 esz-bar-re gal-zu
28. sza3 kusz2-u3 a-a inim-ma i3-se3-ga-ni
29. a-a ugu-ni en dingir-re-e-ne nun nam tar-re-de3
30. an su3-u4 ki dagal-ba im-mi-in-si gaba gi4 nu-um-mi-in-tuku
31. hur-sag sikil kur {na4}za-gin3-na sag-e-esz mu-ni-in-rig7
32. kur mar-tu kur {na4}za-gin3-na sag-e-esz mu-ni-in-rig7
33. sag pirig ur-sag-ga2-am3 me3-a a2-tah lugal-la [...]
34. lu2 si sa2 di nig2 [...] mu-un-dab5-ba e-ne-ra inim sa6-sa6-ga
35. gidru x x [...]-na-de6 su3-ra2-sze3 im-mi-in-[...]
36. nig2 sa6 [...] x-ta DU-a-ni
37. amar [...] x gal-la-ni mi-ni-ib-gar-gar
38. szar2 nun tur3 amasz-a x x
39. ku6 muszen x [...] x-la gurun gibil mu2-am3
40. e2 lugal ku3 [...]-ka musz3 la-ba-ni-ib-tum2-mu
41. x x [...] diri-ga-am3 nam gal tar-ra-am3
42. x x x [...] x-ba en-nu-ug3-ta mu-un-ak
43. i7-da [...] mu-un-da-gal2 du10-bi i3-nag-e
44. a-sza3-ga [...] mu-na-ab-il2 sze-bi i3-gu7-e
45. he2-gal2-la [...] x szu mu-un-na-da-an-pesz-e
46. szu AN [...] mu-un-il2 hul mu-ni-in-gal2
47. sza3-ga-ni [...] inim nig2-ge-na na-nam
48. bar-ra-ni [...] giri17-zal na-nam
49. lugal-ra [...] nu-kur2-ru u4 x x su3-u4-da-ni
50. eszgiri2 zi3-da-na tukul szar2 lah5-lah5 za3-ga-na la2-a-ni
51. e2-gal lugal x x numun-na-ni mu-ni-in-dib-dib-be2
52. ki-in-du si sa2 giri3 mu-na-ab-gal2 za3 kin nu-mu-ni-in-tuku
53. x [...] x IR igi du8 dingir-ra-na-ka
54. nam-lu2-ulu3 in-ga-mu-na-ab-be2-ne
55. nam-lugal-sze3 sza3 sa6-ga ba-pa3-de3 KA HI
56. {d}lamma nig2-ge-na u4 szu2-sze3 zi3-da-na mu-gub ga2-la nu-mu-ta-dag-ge
57. mi2 zi3 du11-ga dingir lu2 hur-sag a-re-esz dib-ba-am3
58. nar-re szir3 ku3-ga im-mi-in-du11 mu-ni pa bi2-in-e3
59. {d}mar-tu dumu an-na za3-mi2-zu du10-ga-am3
60. szir3-gid2-da {d}mar-tu-kam

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  • Artifact type: Artifact type comments:

    composite text

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  • Artifact comments:

    composite text

  • history: ETCSL, (1998-2006) 4.12.01 Martu A

    [BlackETCSL] Black, Jeremy A. 1998-2006. “Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature.” 1998-2006.

  • Composite No.: Q000668
  • Museum No.:
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Created Creator Type Authors Project Reviewer Status Action
2016-04-23 at 16:30:14 Englund, Robert K. atf Englund, Robert K. CDLI approved View
2015-02-22 at 08:58:05 Dahl, Jacob L. atf Dahl, Jacob L. CDLI approved View
2015-02-07 at 00:00:00 CDLI artifact Foxvog, Daniel A.; Wagensonner, Klaus CDLI approved View

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This artifact is a composite text. View the score of CDLI Literary 000668 (Martu A) composite. See below for a list of its witness(es):

Witness Period Provenience
CDLI Literary 000668, ex. 001 (P345300) Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) Nippur (mod. Nuffar)

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CDLI Literary 000668 (Martu A) composite artifact entry (No. P478888). (2015, February 7). Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).
CDLI Literary 000668 (Martu A) composite artifact entry (2015) Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). Available at: (Accessed: September 21, 2023).
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ID  - P478888
LB  - CDLI:P478888
M1  - 2023/9/21/
TI  - CDLI Literary 000668 (Martu A) composite artifact entry
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