CDLI Literary 000616 (Baba A) composite (P478847)

Literary artifact dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period

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Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)



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Literary (ETCSL 4.02.01 Baba A (composite))






surface a
m=segment A
  beginning broken
1'. [...] x [...]
2'. [...] x [...]
3'. [...] x x [...] x [...]
4'. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi x x ga-mu-u8-de3-en
5a'. x x x x zu? a kar-ra x [...]
5b'. _... i-qa2-ab-bu-u2 [...]_
6a'. x x x x ib2-be2-a a kar-ra x [...]
6b'. _... i-qa2-ab-bu-u2 x [...]_
7a'. x x DU geszkim-ti BI? sag szu? x [...]
7b'. _... a-la?-ki-szu ta-ki-il-[...]_
8a'. x x NI ki? szu nu-la2-e-da usu i3-x [...]
8b'. _x x x x x x u2-ul i-sza-x x [...]_
9a'. x NE? nig2-tuku-u3 nu-x-x-du szu nu-la2-e-da
9b. _a-na sza-ri-im u2-ul il-la-ak x [...]_
10a'. x LA2 x nu-x x x x-da du10-ga DI x x
10b'. _u2-ul x x KI-it-ti x SZA NU x [...]_
11a'. ma2-gur8 {d}suen su4-su4 nin a-na-zu nu-zil2-zil2-i
11b. _e-le-pu x x-tum sza i-sza-ad-de3-hu NIN mi-in-ki la x_
12a'. an-ti-bala ul gur3-ru {d}lamma a-na-zu nu-sa6
12b'. _x x x x ul-s,a na-szi-a-at {d}LAMA mi-in-ki la x_
13a'. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi x x ga-mu-u8-de3-en
13b'. _{d}LAMA da-mi-iq-tum sza {d}ba-ba6 te-ek-ni-tum_
14a'. [...] gesz-ta du-a-ni
14b'. _...-szi a-la-ki-sza_
15a'. [...] x x x [...]
15b'. _... x x x [...]_
16a'. [...]
16b'. _... x x x x x_
17a'. [...]
17b'. _... x i-na i-di-szu sza-ki-in_
18a'. [...]
18b'. _... ta-ad-di-ni-szum-ma_
19a'. [...]
19b'. _... ta-na-ad-di_
20a'. [...] la-ba-ni10-ni10
20b'. _in? [...]-pa-at-su2 x x ba?-nu u2-ul i-ik-lu5-szu_
21a'. [...] x TUM? mu?-un-da-ab-dub
21b'. _ik?-x x x x-ak-nu-szum-ma a-na sza-a-szi-im i-ik-mi-i-is-si2-x_
22a'. [...] u4 szu2-usz giri3-x i3-im-x
22b'. _ba? ak x szu? szar-ru u4-mi-sza a-na sze-pi-sza sza-pi-ik_
23a'. [...] x du10-zu nin-gu10 im-mi-in-szi-x
23b'. _i-na i-mi-it-ti-szu? x x-ki t,a-ba-am be-el-ti i-ZA-[...]_
24a'. x x x giri17-zal su3 nin a-na-zu nu-zil2-zil2-i
24b'. _bi-it ni-gu-tim sza ta-szi-il-tam ma-lu-u2 NIN mi-in-ki la x_
25a'. x x x mah kalam-ma {d}lamma a-na-zu nu-sa6
25b'. _u4-um ri-sza-tim s,i2-rum sza ma-ti {d}LAMA mi-in-ki la x_
26a'. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi x x ga-mu-u8-de3-en
26b'. _{d}LAMA da-mi-iq-tum sza {d}ba-ba6 te-ek-ni-tum_
27a'. munus zi3 nin szu tab-ba ti mu2-da-ni i3-du11-ga
27b'. _MUNUS ZI3 ru-ba-tum ka-mi-is-tum sza ba-la-as-sa3 iq-[...]_
28a'. u4 me-da |DU.DU| inim bala-bala-e-da-ni
28b'. _i-na ma-ti-ma i-na a-tal2-lu-ki i-na at-wi-i-sza_
29a'. a2-gu2-zi-ta zur-zur-re-esz2 za3-ga-na szub-bu-dam
29b'. _i-na ki-ma sze-er-tim i-na ku-te-en-ni-i zu-x x a-na x x_
30a'. mu-zu gug2 i3 ga-gin7 ka-ge mu-na-ab-si-a
30b'. _szum-ki ki-ma ku-uk-ki sa10-ni u3 lil2-di pi-a-am ma-x-x_
31a. nig2 sila{si-la2-ta} de6{de}-a-na kasz sur-ra-na sag-bi
31b'. _mi-im-ma sza isz-tu su2-qi2-im i-na ba-ba-li-sza rex(SIPA)-esz-ti x x_
32a'. pu2-kiri6-na nig2 sag-bi ha-ma-na-DU im-me-e-a
32b'. _sza re-e-esz |GISZ.SAR|-sza lu-hir-szi-im i-qa2-ab-bi_
33a'. a2 u4-da esz3 gir2-su2{ki} igi mu-ri-ib-du8-am3
33b'. _u4-mi-sza i-na bi-tim gir-szi-im i-na-at,-t,a-al_
34a'. u4 szu2-usz-e zalag-ga-ni igi-zu-sze3 mu-ni-ib-dib-dib-a
34b'. _u4-mi-sza nam-ri-isz i-na mah-ri-ki i-ta-al-la-ak_
35a'. {d}lamma x lu2-ulu3-ba dam a-a-sze3 mu-na-e-szum2
35b'. _{d}LAMA a-na a-wi-il-tim sza-a-ti mu-tam ki-ma a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-szim-ma_
36a'. dam a-a-sze3 mu-na-e-szum2 dumu a-sza3 szukur2-sze3 mu-na-e-szum2
36b'. _mu-tam ki-ma a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-szim-ma [...]_
37a'. [...] x inim in-de2 lu2 i3-DU
37b'. _bi-x-sa3 u2-x-ma mi-im-ma x x [...]_
38a'. [...] x szum2 x x x nig2-su-ub ak-a
38b'. _MUNUS x [...]_
  rest broken
m=segment B
1. munus zi3 {d}utu kalam-ma dingir-ga2 me-tesz2 ga-i-i
2. sukkal-mah ama {d}ba-ba6 zi lugal-la u3-tu4
3. ra-gaba ku3 an-sza3-ta dub nam-ti-la an-e11-de3
4. im an-ta giri3-a DU he2-gal2 pa e3
5. sag szum2{mu-x-hi-isz-tum} me-te {d}ba-ba6 itima ku3-ga he2-du7-bi-im
6. {d}lamma lu2 sizkur-ra {d}ba-ba6 ur2-sag HI ZA KA?
7. nam-lu2-u18-lu ki ag2 nig2-ba-bi hul2-le-za
8. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
9. x sag sig7 hi-li gur3-ru KISZI4?-KISZI4? {na4}za-gin3-a
10. [...] sig7-ga umusz gar szita-e {gun3-gun3}gu2-a?
11. [...] DU x x MA RU x IGI x DI? IB
12. [...] lugal-sze3 he2-em-szi-ni-gal2
13. [...] x gub?-bu-zu lal3 x [...]
  rest broken
m=segment C
1. [...] x x DAG? x RU x [...]
2. [...] x ge-na UD-UD MA KA
3. [...]-ra munus zi3 {d}lamma-gu10
4. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
5. [...] HA? UM? MA? SZE3 la2-a i-im-me ZA UD DU UR4 ak
6. nir-gal2 ki ag2 {d}ba-ba6 nin x sag ga zi3-da-ke4
7. ha-ra-ni-ib-x he2?-em?-su3?-ra nin BA AL GIM |DU.DU|-da
8. en dig-alim-ma-ke4 gidru-bi hu-mu-gal2 me-tesz2-bi
9. munus zi3 {d}lamma-gu10 nin nam gu3 de2-a-za
10. {d}lamma sa6-ga {d}ba-ba6 mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
11. nin gu7 nag KA NI? x x nam-he2-a zu2 kesz2 i
12. ki-tusz he2-gal2 abzu-ta DIN-bi-a gu3 nun di
m=segment D
  beginning broken
1'. {d}lamma-gu10 nin [...]
2'. munus zi3 giri17-zal il2-il2-i szu4{u3} inim-ma gesz tuku
3'. inim du10 eme si sa2 nin nig2-ge-e ki ag2-x
4'. sukkal-mah ama {d}ba-ba6 nundum? ku3-babbar-ra-ke4
5'. x si sa2 gesztu me-ze2 UD-UD-e SI A
6'. munus zi3 {d}lamma-gu10 ulutim2 lu2 nu-se3-ge5-zu
7'. igi x x TI-gu10 mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-u8-en-de3-en
8'. kusz x me a dadag-ga sa6-ga gal-bi diri-ga-am3
9'. AD ZA x x DAG? x HU NE zi-pa-ag2 x x x x
10'. x sal-sal siki sur-sur GAR3 mun-na SA? x RA? x x x
11'. unu2 szuba su4-su4 za3-sze siki [...]
12'. x ZI-gin7 il2-il2-i a2-ur2 u4-gin7 zalag-zalag-ga-am3
13'. x x SZE3-la?-gin7 la-la-gal2 a2-disz-kusz3 sal-la-am3
14'. x-ge KA tum2-ma szu-si ku3-babbar [...]
15'. {na4}nir7 SUM [...]
16'. x e2?-gal x UN [...]
17'. munus zi3 {d}lamma-gu10 ulutim2 lu2 nu-se3-ge5-zu
18'. mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-u8-en-de3-en
19'. sukkal nig2 nu-ha-lam-e nin ki ur5 sa6 [...]
20'. sza3 su4 TA lu2? GIM DU LI [...]
21'. SIG4? {gesz}geszimmar? SZU RI A TUM TI TA [...]
22'. ib2-ib2 dagal u2 x x MA [...] me-te-gal2
23'. mu-zu x x-gin7 NA MUNUS [...] x nu-NUNUZ-a
24'. nig2 szu DI SI SAR-SAR nin x x x-gin7 la2
25'. BA? sal-la KA tuk4-tuk4-e
26'. munus zi3 {d}lamma-gu10 alan szu-a gi4-a-za
27'. mi2-bi su3-u4-sze3 ga-mu-u8-en-de3-en
28'. [...] ga i3-ti-ir-da-gin7 TA? lu-ug-ge
  rest broken
  (these four segments possibly belong to the same composition, in which their sequence is uncertain; @Segment A = CBS 10986, B followed by C = U 16868, and D = Ni 4369)

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  • Artifact type: Artifact type comments:

    composite text

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  • Artifact comments:

    composite text

  • history: ETCSL, (1998-2006) 4.02.01 Baba A

    [BlackETCSL] Black, Jeremy A. 1998-2006. “Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature.” 1998-2006.

  • Composite No.: Q000616
  • Museum No.:
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  • Provenience:
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No:
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