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Lippmann Coll 206 (P472506)

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&P472506 = Lippman Coll 206
#atf: lang sux
1. 1(u@c) 2(asz@c) la2 1(u@c) 5(disz) gin2 siki {gesz}ri
2. ma-ma#-um-mi
3. 7(asz@c) nin-nig2# 4(asz@c)
4. 1(u@c) 5(asz@c) asz-dar 4(asz@c) 1/2(asz@c)
5. 1(u@c) 2(asz@c) ta2-ni2-a
6. 1(u@c) 2(asz@c) 1/3(asz@c) nin-ad2-gal
7. 1(u@c) n 4(asz@c) x x nig2-banda3{da}
1. 1(u@c) 1(asz@c) 1/2(asz@c) ma-na nin-nig2-zu 5(asz@c)
2. 1(u@c) 4(asz@c) 2/3(asz@c) me-nigin3-ta
$ blank space
3. szu-a gi4-a
4. ki siki-ke4-ne-kam
5. iti nig2-kiri6

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