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RIME 2.x00.00.1009 composite (P461919)

Update made on 2014-06-27 at 06:47:08 by Foxvog, Daniel A. for Foxvog, Daniel A.
&P461919 = RIME 2.x00.00.1009 composite
#atf: lang akk
@object composite text
1. [a-na]
#tr.en: To
2. [{d}inanna?]
#tr.en: the goddess Inanna(?)
3. [...]
#tr.en: PN
4. [_lugal_]
#tr.en: the king
5. kisz{[ki]}
#tr.en: of the world,
# one erased sign before KISZ
6. _a mu-ru*_
#tr.en: dedicated it.
$ blank line

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