Transliteration history

RIME 1.13.06.add07 composite (P450161)

Update made on 2014-03-31 at 07:44:08 by Englund, Robert K. for Englund, Robert K.
&P450161 = RIME 1.13.06.add07 composite
#atf: lang sux
@object composite text
@surface a
1. esz3? AB ba bur x
2. esz3 kur-musz-na {d}inanna x x
3. abzu AN men me-nu musz-na x
4. lugal-bi AN a-an-ne2-pa3-da
5. {d}en-ki a tu-da-ni?
6. nam-x men-na-ni
7. pa mu-ni-e3
8. AB ba bur mu-ni-gar
9. mu-na-nu2-du2?
10. men me-nu musz? (x) x-na

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