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RIME composite (P448604)

Update made on 2013-06-06 at 13:39:03 by Foxvog, Daniel A. for Foxvog, Daniel A.
&P448604 = RIME composite
#atf: lang akk
@object composite
@surface a
1. {d}[inanna]
#tr.en: To I
2. _nin_ sza-ad-la-az2{[ki]}
#tr.en: the lady of Šadlaš,
3. ra-im-ti
#tr.en: one who loves (him),
4. su-mu-am7-na-nim
#tr.en: Sūmû-Amnãnim,
5. szar sza-ad-la-[asz2{ki}]
#tr.en: king of Šadlaš,
6. i-qi2-isz
#tr.en: presented (this object).

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