RIME composite (P448499)

Official or display artifact excavated in Uncertain (mod. uncertain), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period

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Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


uncertain (mod. uncertain)

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object composite text
surface a
1. i3-nu an {d}en-lil2
 en: When Anum and Enlil,
2. szar-ru sza _an_ u3 _ki_
 en: the kings of heaven and earth,
3. a-na {d}marduk
 en: at Marduk,
4. _dumu_ re-esz-ti-im sza e2-a
 en: the first-born son of Ea,
5. ha-di-isz ip-pa-al-su-szum
 en: looked happily
6. be-lu-ut ki-ib-ra-at ar-ba-im
 en: and the rule over the four world quarters
7. i-din-nu-szum
 en: did give to him,
8. in {d}a-nun-na-ki
 en: among the Anunnaku
9. szu-ma-am s,i-ra-am i-bi2-u3-szu
 en: did call him by an exalted name,
10. ka2-dingir-ra{ki}
 en: (and) Babylon's
11. _suhusz_-szu ki-ma _an_ u3 _ki_
 en: foundation like heaven and earth
12. u2-ki-in-nu-szum
 en: did make secure for him -
13. i3-nu-szu {d}marduk
 en: then Marduk
14. {d}en-lil2 ma-ti-szu
 en: the Enlil of his land,
15. _dingir_ ba-ni ne-me-qi2-im
 en: the divine creator of wisdom,
16. a-na sa-am-su-i-lu-na
 en: to Samsu-iluna,
17. _lugal_ la-le-szu ia-a-ti
 en: the king of his delight, me -
18. _szu-nigin2_ ma-ta-tim
 en: the totality of the lands
19. a-na re-ie-em i-din-nam
 en: he gave me for shepherding,
20. _kalam_-su a-bur-ri szu-ur-bu-s,a-am
 en: (and) to make his land lie down in riverine meadows
21. ni-szi-szu ra-ap-sza-tim
 en: (and) his wide-spread people
22. in szu-ul-mi-im
 en: in well-being
23. a-na da-ar i-tar-ra-am
 en: to lead forever
24. ra-bi-isz lu u2-wa-e-ra-an-ni
 en: he ordered me grandly.
25. sa-am-su-i-lu-na
 en: Samsu-iluna,
26. _lugal_ da-num2
 en: the mighty king,
27. _lugal_ ka2-dingir-ra{ki}
 en: king of Babylon,
28. _lugal_ mu-usz-te-esz-mi
 en: the king who makes harmonious
29. ki-ib-ra-at
 en: the world quarters
30. ar-ba-im a-na-ku
 en: the four, I -
31. in e-mu-uq ra-ma-ni-ia
 en: by my own power
32. in _igi-gal2_-ia ra-bi-im
 en: (and) by my great intelligence
33. _bad3 an-za-gar3_-{d}en-lil2{ki}
 en: the fort Dimat-Enlil,
34. a-na {d}nin-mah
 en: for Ninmah
35. _ama_ ba-ni-ti-ia
 en: the mother who created me,
36. _bad3_ pa3-da{ki}
 en: the fort Pada
37. a-na {d}iszkur re-s,i-ia
 en: for Iškur my helper,
38. _bad3_ la-ga-ba{ki}
 en: fort Lagaba
39. a-na {d}suen _dingir_ ba-ni-ia
 en: for Sîn the god who created me,
40. _bad3 iri_ ia-bu-szum{ki}
 en: fort Iri-Iabušum
41. a-na {d}lugal-asal2
 en: for Šar-ṣarbatim
42. mu-szar-bi2-u3 szar-ru-ti-ia
 en: who magnifies my kingship,
43. _bad3 iri_ gu-la-ba8{ki}
 en: fort Iri-Gulaba
44. u3 _bad3_ u2-s,i-a-na-er3-ra
 en: and the fort Uṣi-ana-Erra
45. a-na {d}nergal
 en: for Nergal,
46. ha-ti a-a-bi-ia
 en: the smiter of my enemies,
47. 6(disz) _bad3-mesz_ ra-bu-tim szu-nu-ti
 en: these six great forts
48. sza su-mu-la-il3
 en: which Sūmû-la-Il,
49. a-bi ra-bi-um
 en: my great forefather,
50. a-bi a-bi-ia
 en: my forefather
51. ha-am-szum e-pu-szu
 en: of the fifth (generation), had built,
52. in la-bi-ru-ti-szu-nu
 en: (but) which in their old age
53. in ra-ma-ni-szu-nu
 en: of ther own accord
54. up-ta-as-si2-su2-ma
 en: had fallen into ruin,
55. in li-ib-bu _iti 2(disz)-kam_
 en: within two months
56. _szeg12_-szu-nu al-bi-in
 en: their bricks I had made
57. ra-bi-isz e-pu-usz
 en: and I rebuilt them in a grand fashion.
58. re-szi-szu-nu ki-ma _sa-tu_-im u2-ul-li
 en: Their tops I raised up like mountains,
59. _szu-nigin2_ ma-ta-tim _suhusz_-szi-na u2-ki-in
 en: (and so) I secured the foundations of the totality of the lands.
60. ka2-dingir-ra{ki} szum-szu
 en: The name of Babylon
61. lu u2-s,i-ir
 en: I made supreme,
62. in ki-ib-ra-at ar-ba-im
 en: and in the four world quarters
63. lu u2-sza-tir-szu
 en: I indeed made it pre-eminent.
64. pu-luh-ti _me-lam2_ szar-ru-ti-ia
 en: The fearsomeness of the divine radiance of my kingship
65. pa-at, _an_ u3 er-s,i-tim
 en: the borders of heaven and earth
66. lu ik-tum
 en: did indeed cover.
67. a-na szu-a-ti _dingir gal-gal_
 en: For this, the great gods
68. in bu-ni-szu-nu na-aw-ru-tim
 en: with their shining faces
69. lu ip-pa-al-su2-nim
 en: indeed looked at me,
70. ba-la-t,am sza ki-ma {d}suen
 en: (and) life, which like that of Sîn
71. wa-ar-hi-sza-am
 en: is monthly
72. u2-te-ed-di-szu
 en: renewed;
73. re-iu-tam [sza] ki-ib-ra-at ar-ba-im
 en: the shepherding of the four world quarters
74. in szu-ul-mi-im
 en: in peace
75. a-na da-ar e-pe2-sza-am
 en: to exercise forever;
76. ni-iz-ma-at li-ib-bi-ia
 en: the desire of my heart
77. ki-ma _dingir_ ka-sza-dam
 en: to attain, like a god;
78. u4-mi-sza-am in re-szi-in e-li-a-tim
 en: (and) daily with a high head
79. in ri-sza-a-tim
 en: in joy
80. u3 hu-ud li-ib-bi-im
 en: and happiness
81. a-ta-al-lu-kam
 en: to walk,
82. a-na sze-ri-ik-tim
 en: for a gift
83. lu isz-ru-ku-nim
 en: they did indeed present to me.
84. [...] im-gi-id-di s,a-ar-pa
 en: ... fired long tablet
85. [...] x ina qaq-qa-di-szu
 en: (which) ... from its top
86. [...] _in-sar_
 en: he wrote ...
87. [...]-ri
88. [...]-x-a

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 03.07.05Akkadian composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

  • history: VS 1, 33

    [Delitzsch1907VS1] Delitzsch, Friedrich, Leopold Messerschmidt, and Arthur Ungnad. 1907. Vorderasiatische Schriftdenkmäler Der Königlichen Museen Zu Berlin, Heft 1. Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs.

  • Composite No.: Q002222akk
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