RIME 4.03.06.x1001 composite (P448488)

Official or display artifact excavated in Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period

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Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)

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Official or display (composite)






object composite
surface a
  beginning broken
1'. [...] e NE [...]
 en: ...
2'. [... za]-e-da nu lugal nu [...]
 en: ... without you (Utu), no king is ...
3'. [...] za-e-me-en a2-[...]
 en: ... you are, ...
4'. [...] x ni2-tuku sze-ga-zu nam-nir-[gal2 ...]
 en: ... one who fears and is favored by you, authority ...
5'. x x [...] nig2-kal-la-zu gal-bi nam-[...]
 en: (at) your valued ..., greatly ...
6'. {uruda}du8 szen-na masz2-ansze gal-bi dim2-dim2-ma te-me-en [...] nam-ti-la-ni u4-bi su3-su3-dam NI ba-ra-ni-in-[...] e2-babbar2 e2 ki-ag2-zu du-ri2-sze3 sza-[x]-x [...]
 en: A pure copper du8 vessel(?), grandly constructed with wild animals, with a foundation ... to extend the days of his life, ..., Ebabbar, your beloved house, forever ...
7'. {d}utu lugal-e ni2 te-ge26 gal-zu-me-en gal-bi AN x [...] sza3 du10-ga ur5 sa6-ge an-ta he2-bi2-x-[...] an-ki-bi-ta he2-mu-x-[...]
 en: O master Utu, I am one who knows well to fear you, ... may a happy heart and good liver do ..., in heaven and earth may ...
8'. {d}a-a gidlam-[zu ...] nig2-hul2-la [...] ki-ba [...]
 en: Aia, your spouse, ... joy ... in that place ...
  n lines broken
9'. [...] x x x [...]
 en: ...
10'. [...] ki-gub-ba mu-ni-ib-[...]
 en: Who shall alter where it stands,
11'. [...] x-bi ki-tusz-bi-a mu-ni-ib-[...]
 en: or do ... to that place where it resides,
12'. a2#? ur2-x [...] mu-ni-ib-tusz-x [...]
 en: or who makes it reside in ...
13'. mu-ni-ib2-GIRI16 e2-a kin kur2-sze3 mu-ni-ib-x-[...]
 en: or who shall ... it, or in a temple for a different purpose shall ... it,
14'. e2 azag ki igi nu-bar-re-da-sze3 i-ni-ib-ku4-ku4-[...]
 en: or who shall bring it into a cultically taboo house where it cannot be seen,
15'. mu-sar-ra-ga2 szu bi2-ib2-ur3-ru-a mu-ni bi2-ib2-sar-[re-a]
 en: or who shall erase my inscription and write his name upon it,
16'. asz2-bala-ba-ke4-esz lu2-kur2 szu ba-an-zi-zi-[...]
 en: or because of this curse shall incite a stranger to do it,
17'. u3-bi2-ib2-ku5-e nig2-hul alam-ga2 in-ga-[...]
 en: who, having broken it, shall do an evil thing to my image -
18'. lu2-bi lugal he2-a en he2-a ensi2 he2-a u3 nam-lu2-ulu3 [he2-a]
 en: that person, be he a king or a lord or a governor or an ordinary human being,
19'. ib2-ba gu-la {d}utu-ke4 he2-x x x [...]
 en: may the great fury of Utu ...,
20'. esz-bar ha-lam-a-ni e2-babbar2-ta hu-mu-[...]
 en: may he ... the decision: his obliteration from the Ebabbar.
21'. an lugal dingir-e-ne-ke4 bala-ni za3 mu-ni-ib2-[...] iri-bi? du6 ka!-ar2-sze3 NI A nam-ha-lam ma-da NI# GAR# [...] mu-ru-ub dingir-re-e-ne-e-ra inim mi-[...-kid2]
 en: An, the king of the gods, shall ... aside his reign, shall ... his cities to mounds and ruins ... obliteration, his? land will slander(?) him in the midst of the gods,
22'. [...] x an-ki-bi-ta uzu hul uzu bun2 du8-du8 uzu GIRI16? [...]
 en: ... from heaven and earth, piled up damaged flesh, blown-up flesh, ...
23'. [...] ki me3 szen-szen-na gar3-dar-bi-sze3 he2-gal2 erin2-ni-sze3 [...] x x x he2-bi2-ib2-[...]
 en: Let there be ... in the places of battle and combat for his subduing, let ... for his troops.
24'. [...] ti-la szer7-da gu-la-ni ba-ni-x [...]
 en: ... life, his great crime shall be ...
25'. [...] a-nir sze-sza4 he2-ni-ib-til-e [...]
 en: ... may it end in laments and moans.
26'. [...] x x usz x ni x [...]
27'. [...] x [...]
  (multiple Akkadian glosses not transliterated)

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 03.06.x1001 composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

  • Composite No.: Q002195
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Created Creator Type Authors Project Reviewer Status Action
2014-01-01 at 12:27:36 Englund, Robert K. Atf Englund, Robert K. CDLI approved View
2013-05-01 at 10:56:04 Foxvog, Daniel A. Atf Foxvog, Daniel A. CDLI approved View
2013-04-05 at 18:21:53 Englund, Robert K. Atf Englund, Robert K. CDLI approved View
2013-01-20 at 00:00:00 CDLI Artifact Foxvog, Daniel A.; Frayne, Douglas R. CDLI approved View

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RIME 4.03.06.x1001, ex. 01 (P274219) Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)

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