RIME composite (P448444)

Official or display artifact excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period

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Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Official or display (composite)






object composite
surface a
1. en-an-e-du7
 en: Enanedu,
2. en {d}nanna
 en: en priestess of Nanna,
3. nam gal nam-en-na sza3 ku3-ta nam-gi7 an-na
 en: having the great fate of the en office from the womb on, a nobility of heaven,
4. sza3 ki-ag2 {d}nin-gal-e nig2-UD nam-en-na bar szu-ta gar
 en: beloved of (her) heart, the brightness(?) of the en office set upon her body by Ningal's own hand,
5. me-te e2-kisz-nu-gal2 za3-sza4 utah-he u9-na
 en: fitting one of the Ekišnugal temple, the rival of high heaven,
6. he2-du7 agrun-na u4 sa-sa-ha kalam-sze3 e3
 en: ornament of the agrun cella, burning light coming forth for the nation,
7. aga nam-en-<na>-sze3 ku3-ge-esz-e tum2-ma
 en: sacredly suited for the crown of the en office,
8. gesz-hur szu-luh nam-dingir-sze3 zi-de3#-esz pa3-da
 en: properly chosen for the divine plans and lustrations of the en office,
9. nun ni2-tuku du8 mah e2 lugal-la-na-sze3 szu luh-luh-ha-ta al-gub-bu
 en: reverent princess who serves at the lustrations for the exalted platform of the royal house,
10. en-an-e#-du7
 en: I, Enanedu,
11. en igi-du8-a {d}nanna {d}nin-gal-bi
 en: the en priestess who may look upon Nanna and Ningal
12. uri5{ki} iri{ki} za3-e3 ki-en-gi-ra
 en: (in) Ur, the foremost city of Sumer,
13. ki szu-tag za-na-ru en {d}asz-im2-babbar-e
 en: where zanaru instruments are played for Ašimbabbar,
14. lu2 gi6-par3 nam-en-bi-sze3 ki sikil-la du3-a gal-bi tum2-ma-me-en
 en: a person most fitting for the gipar built on a pure place for its office of en -
15. u4 {d}nanna {d}nin-gal-bi
 en: when Nanna and Ningal
16. sag-ki zalag-ga-ne-ne-a igi bar-ra-bi nam-ti-la
 en: having looked (at me) with their shining brows, and life
17. igi hul2-la-bi mu-un-szi-in-szum2#-esz-am3
 en: and a joyous regard they gave to me,
18. esz3 e2-kisz-nu-gal2 ki-tusz nam#-dingir#-ne#-ne#-a#
 en: and in the shrine Ekišnugal, the residence of their divinity,
19. mu-mu mi-ni-in-mah-esz-a
 en: they having exalted my name,
20. ka-mu sikil-la nam#-szita# nam-ti-la mu-un-gar-re-esz-am3
 en: having placed in my pure mouth prayers of life,
21. szu si-sa2-mu u4 nam-ti {d}ri-im-{d}suen
 en: and my correctly guiding hand - in order that the life of Rīm-Sîn,
22. szesz tam-ma-<<na>>-mu
 en: my twin(!) brother,
23. su3-USZ-u5-de3 mu-un-de3-ri-esz#-a
 en: could be extended - they, togther with him, did exert it,
24. kur gu2-erim2-gal2-la-ni
 en: and so his foreign enemies
25. szu-ni-sze3 bi2#-in#-si-isz-<<esz>>-[a]
 en: they having put fully into his hands -
26. u4-ba gi6-par3 ku3-ga# ki-tusz nam-en-na-mu
 en: at that time, the sacred gipar, my residence of the en office,
27. szeg12-bi ur2-bi-ta# nu-us2-sa
 en: its bricks no longer lying against(?) its base,
28. en-a-e-du7
 en: I, Enanedu,
29. en mu mah zi-de3-esz [sa4]-a
 en: en priestess, truly named with an exalted name,
30. dumu ku-du-ur-ma-bu-uk-me-en
 en: the daughter of Kudur-mabuk,
31. gi6-par3 ku3-ga ur2-bi sun-a szeg12 zi-du he2-ni-us2
 en: I laid correctly fitting bricks against the old base of the sacred gipar.
32. e2-gar8-bi szu-si tag-ga im dul3 hu-mu-ak
 en: I covered with plaster its inner walls fitted to (within) a finger-length.
33. e2-bi gibil-be2-esz hu-mu-tu
 en: I created that house anew.
34. u4-ba unu2 ses ba-an-tum3 kislah nam-tar-ra
 en: At that time, the Hall That Has Brought Bitterness, the cleared land of 'fates'
35. en-en-e-ne libir-ra-me-esz
 en: (where) the old en priestesses were,
36. ki-bi bad3 nu-dab6 gu2-gir3-bi EDIN-BUR2-bi he2-szub#
 en: that place was not encircled with a wall, and its entrances and its .. had collapsed.
37. en-nu-un ba-ra-gar ki-bi ba-ra-sikil
 en: No watch was set up and that place was no longer pure.
38. ga2-e gesztu2 gal-zu-mu-ta
 en: I, by my great wisdom,
39. nam-tar u4-da egir-ra ki-bi bi2-kin-kin
 en: sought out a place for (going to one's) fate forever afterward.
40. diri ki-nu2 en-en-e-ne libir-ra-me-esz
 en: Surpassing the resting place of the old en priestesses
41. u2-zu-ug dagal-la hu-mu-gar
 en: I established a broad sacred area.
42. ki-bi szub-ba bad3 gal-e hu-mu-dab6
 en: I surrounded that collapsed place with a big wall,
43. en-nu-un kal-ga bi2-gar ki-bi hu-mu-sikil
 en: set there a strong watch, and I purified that place.
44. mu pa3-da nam-en-na-mu pa3-pa3-de3-de3
 en: To show my name chosen for the office of en,
45. kin-bi ki-bi-sze3 he2-em-mi-gar
 en: I did indeed restore this work.
46. temen ar2 nam-en-na-mu mu-sar
 en: Foundation documents in praise of my office of en I had inscribed
47. u4 a-na gal2-la#-ka-ta he2-em-mi-us2#
 en: and had it laid there for whatsoever time it may exist.
48. bad3-bi# ni2 te-ge26-mu he2#-em#-i mu#-bi# he2#-em#-mi-sa4#
 en: I named that wall: May the One Who Shows Fear of Me Be Praised.

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 02.14.20 composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

  • Composite No.: Q002162
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  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
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RIME, ex. 01 (P431821) Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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