RIME composite (P448434)

Official or display artifact excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period

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Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Official or display (composite)






object composite
surface a
1. {d}nin-gesz-zi-da
 en: For Ningšzida,
2. ur-sag i-szi ni2 di sag-ki-bi sur2 hu-hu-ul
 en: hero with a radiance which inspires fear, whose brow destroys(?) in rage,
3. {gesz}gu-za-la2 ki-an-a-na szu2-a-asz na de5 eri11-gal-la
 en: chair-bearer who ... the ki’an, counselor of the netherworld,
4. dingir zi sag-en3-tar e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la me nun-na szu du7
 en: steadfast god who cares for the Ekišnugal, who perfects the princely divine powers,
5. lugal-mu-ra
 en: my master,
6. {d}ri-im-{d}suen
 en: I, Rīm-Sîn,
7. nita kal-ga
 en: the mighty man,
8. sipa inim sa6-sa6-ge nibru{ki}
 en: the shepherd who makes words beautiful for Nippur,
9. me gesz-hur eridu{ki}-ga ku3-ku3-ge
 en: who makes holy the divine powers and plans of Eridu,
10. u2-a uri2{ki}-ma
 en: the provider of Ur,
11. sag-en3-tar gir2-su{ki} ki-lagasz{ki}
 en: who tends to Girsu and the whole area of Lagaš,
12. lu2 e2 dingir-re-e-ne szu gibil bi2-in-ak
 en: a man who renovated the temples of the gods,
13. lugal larsa{ki}-ma
 en: the king of Larsa
14. lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri-me-en
 en: and king of Sumer and Akkad -
15. u4 ugnim unu{ki}
 en: when the armies of Uruk,
16. i3-si-in{ki} ka2-dingir-ra{ki}
 en: Isin, Babylon,
17. ra-pi5-qum{ki} su-ti-um{ki}-ma
 en: Rapiqum, and Sutium
18. {gesz}tukul mu-sag3-ga
 en: I struck with weapons,
19. me3-ba ARAD-ne-ne lugal unu{ki}-ga mu-dab5-ba
 en: and in that battle I captured ARADnene, the king of Uruk,
20. inim an lugal dingir-re-e-ne-ta
 en: through the word of An the king of the gods,
21. du11-ga mah {d}en-lil2 lugal-ga2-ta
 en: through the exalted utterance of Enlil my master,
22. {d}nin-lil2 nin-ga2-ta
 en: through Ninlil my mistress,
23. {d}nin-urta ur-sag kal-ga a2 zi-da du-ga2-ta
 en: through Ninurta the mighty hero, my one who goes at the right side,
24. {d}nuska2 sukkal-mah ad-da e2-gal-ga2-ta
 en: through Nuska the chief minister and father of my palace,
25. gesztu2 {d}en-ki-ke4 ma-an-szum2-ma-ta
 en: through the wisdom given me by Enki,
26. {d}nin-hur-sag du10 ki si-ig-ge4-ga2-ta
 en: through Ninhursag, the one who puts goodness on the earth,
27. geszkim sa6-ga {d}nanna-ta
 en: through the favorable (lunar) signs of Nanna,
28. nam-nir-gal2 {d}utu lugal-ga2-ta
 en: through the authority of Utu my master,
29. a2-ag2-ga2 sa6-ga {d}iszkur-ta
 en: through the positive instructions of Iškur,
30. usu {d}nergal dingir sag du-ga2-ta
 en: through the power of Nergal, the god who begot me,
31. {d}inanna nin me3-ga2-ta
 en: through Inanna, the mistress of my battles,
32. {d}nin-isin2{si}-in nin a2-ga2-ta
 en: through Nininsina, the mistress of my military forces,
33. {d}nin-szen-szen-na ma-zalag-ga2-ta
 en: through Ninšenšena my one who shines for me -
34. iri didli ma-da unu{ki}-ga mu-si3-si3-ga
 en: when the various cities of the land of Uruk I had struck down,
35. nam-ra-ak nig2-GA a-na gal2-la-bi
 en: and the booty and property, however much it was,
36. larsa{ki}-sze3
 en: to Larsa
37. im-mi-ku4-ra
 en: I had brought in,
38. u4-ba {d}nin-gesz-zi-da
 en: at that time, to Ningišzida
39. lugal-mu-ra
 en: my master
40. inim sa6-sa6-ge4-da-mu-ne
 en: while I was making beautiful words (of prayer)
41. e2-nig2-gi-na
 en: the Temple of Righteousness,
42. ki-tusz ki-ag2-ga2-ni
 en: his beloved residence,
43. nam-ti-la-mu-sze3 mu-na-du3
 en: I built for him for my life.
44. sag-bi mu-ni-il2
 en: I raised up its top
45. hur-sag-gin7 mu-na-mu2
 en: and made it grow up like a mountain range.

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 02.14.10 composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

  • Composite No.: Q002157
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  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
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