RIME composite (P448349)

Official or display artifact dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period

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Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)



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Official or display (composite votive inscription)






object composite
surface a
  beginning broken
1'. [e2]-kur#-ra# he2-du7
 en: distinguished one of the Ekur temple,
2'. [dumu] zil an gal-e
 en: the good son whom great An
3'. nir szum2-ma
 en: gave authority,
4'. me nig2-nam-ma
 en: the divine powers of everything
5'. szu-ni-sze3 gal2-la
 en: having been put into his hands,
6'. dingir ku3 an sikil-la
 en: holy god who in the pure heaven
7'. dub3 gar-ra
 en: is seated,
8'. nir zi mah kalam-ma
 en: exalted steadfast authority of the nation,
9'. e2 ki-tusz mah
 en: who in the exalted residence
10'. ki ku3-ga
 en: on a sacred place
11'. bara2 ri-a
 en: lay down a dais,
12'. giri17-zal-la dur2-gar
 en: and who is seated (there) in luxury,
13'. gal-di gal-zu mah
 en: excelling, all-knowing, exalted,
14'. esz-bar-e sa-di
 en: properly arriving at divine decisions,
15'. giri17-zal a-a ugu-na
 en: the delight of the father who begot him,
16'. ki-ag2 geszkim-ti
 en: beloved one, trusted one
17'. e2-kur-ra
 en: of the Ekur,
18'. {d}nin-lil2-le
 en: one whom Ninlil
19'. tu-da
 en: bore,
20'. {d}nanna
 en: for Nanna
21'. lugal ki-ag2-mu-ra
 en: my beloved master -
22'. a#-bi-sa-re-e
 en: I, Abi-sare,
23'. [sipa] gesz tuku
 en: heedful shepherd,
24'. [ki]-ag2# {d}suen-na
 en: beloved of Sin,
25'. nita# kal-ga
 en: the strong man,
26'. lugal# uri5{ki}-ma
 en: king of Ur,
27'. _ra-bi2-a-nu-um_ mar-tu-me-en
 en: an Amorite chieftain,
28'. u4 ul-li2-a-ta
 en: since ancient times
29'. alan ku3-babbar
 en: a statue (made) of silver
30'. {na4}|NIG2.GUL.DA|-ta
 en: and carnelian(?)
31'. nu-ub-ta-gal2-la-am3
 en: never having existed,
  n lines broken
32'. gesztu2# mah#
 en: great wisdom
33'. nig2-nam-ma diri-ga
 en: surpassing everything,
34'. ga2-ra ha-ma-an-szum2
 en: he did indeed give to me.
35'. alan ku3-babbar
 en: The statue made of silver
36'. {na4}|NIG2.GUL.DA|-ta ak-a
 en: and carnelian(?),
37'. kin gal-esz
 en: a work greatly
38'. nam-ku3-zu ak
 en: and expertly crafted,
39'. me-dim2-bi
 en: whose limbs
40'. me-dim2-ma diri-ga
 en: surpassed (ordinary) limbs,
41'. nig2 ar2-esz dib-ba#
 en: a thing passing beyond (ordinary) praise,
42'. gi16-sa ak#
 en: fashioned with jewels,
43'. alan ku3-[babbar]
 en: a statue of silver,
44'. nig2 da-[ri2]
 en: an everlasting thing
45'. e2 {d}nanna#-[ta]
 en: which from the temple of Nanna
46'. nu-kur2-[ru-da]
 en: should never be removed,
47'. e2 {d}nanna#-[ka]
 en: in the temple of Nanna
48'. sa-ra im-[x x]
 en: was ...,
49'. ga2-[e]
 en: I,
50'. a-bi2-sa-[re-e]
 en: Abi-sare,
51'. lu2 sa-ra [...]
 en: the man who the ...
52'. sa-ra mu-[x x]
 en: did ...,
53'. alan-[mu]
 en: my statue
54'. u4-szu2-[usz-e]
 en: so that daily
55'. sa6-ga-[mu]
 en: my goodness
56'. gesztu2 {d}[nanna-sze3 ...]
 en: would be brought(?) to the hearing of Nanna,
57'. ru-gu2-[de3]
 en: opposing him
58'. mu-na-[gub]
 en: I stood it up,
59'. nam-ti#-[mu-se3]
 en: and for my life
60'. a mu#-[na-ru]
 en: I dedicated it to him.
61'. alan#-[ba]
 en: Of that statue,
62'. a-bi2#-[sa-re-e]
 en: 'Abi-sare ...' (is its name).
  n lines broken
63'. x [...]
 en: ...
64'. x [...]
 en: ...
65'. e x [...]
 en: ...
66'. x [...]
 en: ...
67'. ha-[...]
 en: ...
68'. KA# [...]
 en: ...
69'. ha#-[...]
 en: ...
70'. x [...]
 en: ...
71'. [...]
 en: ...
  n lines broken
72'. x [...]
 en: ...
73'. x [...]
 en: ...
74'. ki [...]
 en: ...
75'. x [...]
 en: ...
  n lines broken
76'. x [...]
 en: ...
77'. NE [...]
 en: ...
78'. nu-un#-[...]
 en: and he has not ...
79'. lugal-[bi]
 en: that king
80'. sag-ki#? [zalag-(ga)]
 en: may the shining brow
81'. {d}nanna#
 en: of Nanna
82'. an-ta he2#-[gi4]
 en: send him out in front(?).
83'. {d}nin-[gal]
 en: May Ningal
84'. he2-en-da#-[hul2]
 en: rejoice over him.
85'. e2-kisz-nu-gal2#-[la]
 en: In the Ekišnugal temple
86'. gu2 an-[sze3]
 en: his neck up high
87'. he2-ni-in-[zi-zi]
 en: may he raise.
88'. {d}[alad]
 en: May a male guardian angel
89'. x (x) x gi4-[x x]
 en: ...
90'. inim he2-ni#-ib#-sa6-[sa6]
 en: say favorable words regarding him.
91'. nig2-gi-na
 en: To rightness
92'. i-{d}utu-bi#
 en: and appeals for justice
93'. u4-szu2-usz#-[e]
 en: daily
94'. {d}lamma-ra-ni he2-[sze-sze]
 en: may his female guardian angel be agreeable
95'. u4 da-ri2-[sze3]
 en: forever.
96'. lu2 a2 nig2 hul-dim2-ma#
 en: A person who an order for a wicked thing
97'. ib2-<szi-ag2>-ge26-a
 en: shall issue against it,
98'. nig2-dim2-ma-mu#
 en: who my creation
99'. ib2-zi-re-a
 en: shall efface,
100'. mu-sar-ra-mu
 en: or my inscription
101'. szu bi2-ib2-ur3-a
 en: shall erase
102'. mu-ni
 en: and his name
103'. bi2-ib2-sar-re-a
 en: shall write upon it,
104'. ki-gub-ba-bi
 en: or its standing place
105'. ib2-szi-ib-kur2-a
 en: shall alter regarding it,
106'. e2-nig2-GA-ra
 en: or into a storehouse
107'. i-ni-ib-ku4-ku4-a
 en: shall bring it,
108'. [asz2]-bala#-ba-ke4-esz
 en: or because of this curse
109'. [lu2-kur2 szu ba-an-zi-zi-a]
 en: shall incite another person to (do) it,
110'. [lu2-ba {d}nanna]
 en: that person may Nanna
111'. lugal-mu
 en: my master
112'. {d}nin-gal
 en: and Ningal
113'. nin-mu
 en: my mistress
114'. nam ha-ba-an-da-ku5-ne
 en: both curse.
115'. iri{ki}-bi
 en: May that one's city
116'. du6-du6-ra
 en: among the ruined mounds
117'. he2-en-szid
 en: be counted.
118'. i7-da-be2
 en: May its canal
119'. a nam-tum3
 en: not bring forth water,
120'. a-sza3-ga-ne3
 en: and his fields
121'. sze nam-tum3
 en: not bring forth barley.
122'. [iri]{ki}-ni
 en: May his city
123'. [gi]-gu3#-ta
 en: from off the terrace(?)
124'. he2#-[ta-dag]-dag#-ge#
 en: be demolished.
125'. nam-ti
 en: May life
126'. nig2-gig-ga-ni he2-a
 en: be a bitter thing for him.
127'. {gesz}isimu3{sar}-ne2
 en: May his offshoots
128'. {gesz}isimu3{sar}
 en: (further) offshoots
129'. na-an-tuku-tuku
 en: not acquire.
130'. {d}nin-gir2-su
 en: May the god Ningirsu
131'. lugal {gesz}tukul-ke4
 en: the lord of weapons,
132'. {gesz}tukul-ni
 en: his weapon
133'. he2-eb-ta-hasz-e
 en: break apart.
134'. {d}nin-gublaga
 en: May Ningublaga
135'. dumu sag
 en: the first-born son
136'. {d}nanna-ke4
 en: of Nanna,
137'. maszkim
 en: be its (the curse's) bailiff
138'. nu-kur2-ra-bi he2-a
 en: that never changes
139'. u4 da-ri2-sze3
 en: forever.

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 02.06.01 composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

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RIME, ex. 01 (P431602) Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) Larsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh)

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