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RIME composite (P431225)

Update made on 2012-09-17 at 11:42:28 by Foxvog, Daniel A. for Foxvog, Daniel A.
&P431225 = RIME
#atf def linktext A = Q020360
#atf: lang sux
@object composite text
@surface a
1. {d}NE-DAG
#tr.en: To the deity NE-DAG,
2. me-girimx(|A.BU.HA.DU|)-ta
#tr.en: Megirimta,
3. dumu lugal-kisal-si
#tr.en: daughter by Lugalkisalsi
4. tu-da
#tr.en: begotten,
5. dam
#tr.en: wife
6. mu-ni-hur-sag
#tr.en: of Muniḫursag,
7. a mu-ru
#tr.en: dedicated it (this bowl).

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