KTT 005 (P392646)

Administrative tablet excavated in Tuttul (mod. Tell Bi'a), dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period and now kept in National Museum of Syria, Raqqa, Syria

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object tablet
1. 1(disz) i-ba-la-hu-um
2. 1(disz) a-PI-lu-ma
3. 1(disz) ia-ta-ni-il
4. 1(disz) bu-na-ha a-na
5. 1(disz) ia-wi-il
6. 1(disz) ia-ar-hi-el
7. 1(disz) i-sza-ba a-na
8. 1(disz) zu-ab?-ba-na-a-na
9. 1(disz) ku?-ru-ta-an
10. 1(u) ba-du-dix(TAR)-el
11. e-la-an
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