RIME, ex. add02 (P387685)

Official or display cone excavated in Bad-Tibira (mod. Tell Medinah), dated to the Lagash II (ca. 2200-2100 BC) period and now kept in Moussaieff, Shlomo, London, UK

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object cone
column 1
1. ur-{gesz}gigir2
2. szagina
3. {d}dumu-zi-da
4. dumu ur-nigar
5. nita kal-ga
6. lugal
7. unu{ki}-ga-ka-ke4
8. u3 ama-lagarx(|SAL ME HUB2|)
9. ama-ne2
10. {d}nin-szesz-e-gar-ra
column 2
1. nin-a-ni
2. e2 szesz-e-gar-ra
3. e2 ki-ag2-ga2-ni
4. pa5-ti-bi2-ra{ki}-ka
5. mu-na-du3
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