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VS 07, 117 (P372337)

Update made on 2021-05-13 at 13:57:13 by Jagersma, Bram for Jagersma, Bram
&P372337 = VS 07, 117
#atf: lang akk
1. _1/2(disz) gin2 ku3-babbar_
2. _sze gu2-un a-sza3_
3. sza i3-li2-i-din-nam
4. _szu-ti-a_ dingir-u2-<tul2>-lam-ni-szu
5. _sza3 ku3-babbar_ sza ma-har ib-ni-{d}utu _dumu_ be-li2-ia-tum
6. il-la-qi2-a-am
1. _1/2(disz) gin2 ku3-babbar sza3 sze gu2-un a-sza3_
2. sza na-bi-{d}gu-la _dumu_ a-zu-ga
3. _szu-ti-a_ ib-ni-{d}mar-tu _ugula gidri_
$ blank space
4. _iti ab-e3 u4 3(disz)-kam_
5. _mu_ am-mi-s,a-du-qa2 _lugal-e i7-da_ am-mi-s,a-du-qa2

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