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AOAT 440, 199-200 BM 97938 (P370929)

Update made on 2018-12-16 at 03:25:14 by Jagersma, Bram for Jagersma, Bram
&P370929 = AOAT 440, 199-200 BM 97938
#atf: lang akk
@object bulla
@surface a
1. 1(barig) 1(ban2) 2(disz) _sila3 sze_
2. i-di 6(disz) _lu2_ he-pi2-i
3. 1(barig) 2(ban2) 4(disz) _sila3 sze_
4. i-di 1(u) 2(disz) _lu2_
5. la-qi2-it ki-ir-ba-nim
6. 2(ban2) 4(disz) _sila3 sze_
7. i-di 2(disz) _lu2_
8. sza i-ki isz-pu-ku
9. _szunigin 3(barig) sze_
10. _zi-ga_

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