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Prag 792 (P359361)

Update made on 2023-06-20 at 06:20:41 by Jagersma, Bram for Jagersma, Bram
languages Akkadian
Update made on 2007-02-09 at 00:00:00 by CDLI for Dahl, Jacob L.

20070209 dahl

cdli_comments 20091124 oatp: 3': zr3 (zahl 2(u) 4(disz)?); 6': (zahl 2(u) 4(disz)?)
designation Prag 792
artifact_type tablet
period Old Assyrian (ca. 1950-1850 BC)
provenience Kanesh (mod. Kültepe)
museum_no Prague I 792
is_provenience_uncertain 0
is_period_uncertain 0
is_artifact_type_uncertain 0
is_school_text 0
collections Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
genres Letter
genres_uncertain 1
materials clay
materials_uncertain 0
publications_key Matouš1998-305
publications_type primary
retired 0
has_fragments 0
is_artifact_fake 0

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