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ARM 21, 136 (P352138)

Update made on 2022-02-17 at 09:56:05 by Jagersma, Bram for Jagersma, Bram
&P352138 = ARM 21, 136
#atf: lang akk
1. 1(asz) 1(barig) _gur_ bu#-[rum]_
2. nam#-ha-ar#-[ti]
3. [{disz}]dingir-ka-[an]
4. [i-na _e2_ ia-ti-ia]
$ rest broken
1. _iti_ ki-is-ki-si2
2. _u4 6(disz)-kam_
3. _mu_ zi-im-ri-li-<im> _{gesz}gu-za gal_ a-na {d}utu u2-sze-li

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