CDLI Literary 000767, ex. 009 (P346241)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 5.04.01 Two Scribes (witness))






1. al#-gen# al-zal kin2#-e# ba#-an#-lal#
 en: Going, spending time, you(!?) have diminished(?) the working(?)
2. ni2# bulug5# a-sza3-ga-asz#? {gesz#!?}a#-ga2#-la2# szu-sze3# la2
 en: Boaster (who goes) towards the field holding an agala sack
3. lu2-hun#-ga2# egir# [...]-x-ke4
 en: Hireling (always) behind the prostitute
4. gi-gur u2 de5#-ga [...]-il2#?-il2#?-i
 en: Who carries a basket for collecting plants/food
5. u4 buru14#-ka#? a2#-zu sza3#-gal#-[zu ...]-sa2#?
 en: At harvest time, your labor does not match your sustenance
6. kin2-ta ba-zah3#-me#?-en#? [...] x-bi#? gub-be2-en
 en: Your are the one who(?) disappears from work, (yet) you stand/serve at the market price ...
7. e2 lu2 dingir kasz#-de2#-a#-ka# [...]
 en: After you are to go to the house of a man (giving) a drinking party for a god(?)
8. egir lu2 kasz-de2-a#-ka u3-ba-an#-[...]-en#
 en: After you enter behind the man of the drinking party
9. ugu-zu-sze3 imhur3#? x-x-de3# x-x-[...] x x x-x-x
 en: Beer foam is to be spattered upon you
10. gu2-zu ki-a u3#-ba#?-e#?-ni-gar tu-qa2-da?-ad
 en: After you set your neck upon the ground (Akk. you bow down ...)
11. ni2-zu szu nu-zu# a-ra-ab#-kar2 x-x-x-x
 en: Your own self, which (is so drunk) does not (even) know (how to use?) a hand, is denigrated
12. ninda gu7-u3!?-ta#? szu pa4-hal-la ab-zi#-zi#-i x-ta-na?-szi
 en: (You) raise an afflicted hand in order to(?) eat food(?)
13. e2-me-esz-ka gissu ni10-ni10#
 en: Prowling about in that of the summer (for) shade
14. u4 szed10-da-ka x gaba u4#?-da ni10-ni10
 en: Prowling about in that of the cooling day for the edge of the sunlight
15. lu2-tu15 x gu2 izi#-ka nu2#-nu2
 en: Idiot, slave(?) lying at the edge of the fire
16. bala-bala-e-da-zu a2#-szu-giri3#-zu# SU#?-a ab#-x-[...]
 en: When you move (your joints)(?), your appendages split apart (your) skin/flesh
17. e2 bur3-bur3 dun# [...]
 en: Breaking into houses, digging
18. [a]-na-asz-am3 ga#-ba#-al# [...]
 en: Why would you quarrel (with me)?
19. in mu-e-dub2-ba#? su#-a nu#-gal2
 en: You are the one who has insulted, but it is not there in my flesh/skin (i.e., does not linger?)
20. ga2-nu e-sir2-sze3# e3-mu-de3
 en: Come! Go out into the street with (me?)
21. lu2 zu-[...]-x-ne igi he2-em-me-duh-usz
 en: So that my(?) acquaintances have seen me(?)
22. [...] egir#? inim-ma-zu nu-e-zu
 en: You (by contrast) are a barbarian who has not known the “rear” (i.e., impact?) of your words
23. [...-me]-en# nig2-nam nu-[e]-zu
 en: You are an uncouth one has not known anything
24. [...] tak4#-tak4#-a-x-[...]
 en: You are one who does not abandon being a rogue
25. [...] la-ba-an-dab5-en x?
 en: (Mentally) blocked person, you cannot take hold of words
26. [...]-ka nu2-nu2
 en: Screamer(?) lying in the middle of the fire
27. [...] e2# dingir-ra-ne-ka [...]-bi nu-<mu>-un-na!?-kal-la
 en: Prisoner/One who seizes from(!?) the basket of the temples, (the domain of?) its sagbur functionary(!?) is not valuable for him
1. [...] dag#-gi4-a a-ra-lu3-lu3
 en: Squawker, shouter, the district is disturbed for (i.e., because of?) you
2. lu2# pe#?-el#?-[la2 ...] tuku#-tuku nu-e-zu!
 en: Defiler who has not known any dignity
3. lu2-kar2-ra-ga#? nig2# ur2-ra gu7-gu7
 en: Scorner who eats/consumes “that of the lap/limbs/base"?
4. lu2-sag-DU-a dumu lu2 nu-zu!
 en: One (struck upon) the head(?), you(?) have not known the son of a man (i.e., the status of a man?))
5. ki-ma-an-ze2-er lu2 kal-la nu-e-zu!
 en: "Slippery place,” you have not known a friend
 en: the expression ki ma-an-ze2-er, see Civil leichty FS, 60.
6. [ur]-sag gub#-ba#? szu#-bi#-sze3 la2-a
 en: (Self-proclaimed?) hero, stand and hold (a tablet?)
7. i3-gub nu-mu-un-gi#-en i3#-tusz# li#-bi2#-in-sa6
 en: (You) stand, and you do not (do it) right, (you) sit, and (you) did not (make it) good
8. i3-szid ba-e-ul4-en u2-ha?-li?-iq i3-sar szu mu#?-[...]-x
 en: (You) count (up the lines to be entered on the tablet), and you do it (too) quickly (Akk. ... makes ... get lost), (you) write, and you(?) have to erase from it (because it was wrong)
9. nig2 im sar-re gu3 nu-ub-ta-de2-[...]
 en: You(?) cannot read aloud from that which was written (on) the tablet (i.e., you can't read your own handwriting)
10. dugud-bi ab-sar-re-en szu-ni al#?-zu-[...]
 en: You incise it (too) heavily, your(!) hand is pierced(?) (by the stylus?)
11. szid-da-asz# la-ba#-ab-du7 sar-re-da-[...] in#?-nu#?-u3#
 en: For the purposes of counting (out the proper number of textual lines), it (the tablet) has not been made suitable, in order to be written upon, (its appropriate(ness)) is non-(existent)
12. dub ha-ma-tur ul4-la-bi ga-ab#?-til
 en: (And yet you say(?)) “if the tablet is too small (i.e., short(?)) for me, I will finish it quickly”
13. ki gub-ba-ni u2-gu i-ni-in-de2 u2-ha-li-iq
 en: (You are one who) has forgotten where he(?) stood (i.e., started?)
14. ki tusz-a-ni i3-bir-bir-re
 en: (You are one whose) place where he(?) sat (i.e., stopped?) is scattered about
15. dim2-ma ab-ta-szub-ba gu3 ab-ta-kirid-da
 en: One who has quit from good sense, one who shouts(?) (out of frustration) because of (his predicament?)
16. a-ba-am3 gu3 e-ra-an-de2-ma
 en: Who was it that spoke to you?
17. a-na-zu al-gal2-ma du14-sze3 im-ta-e3
 en: And what is it that is yours (that made you) come out for an argument?
18. gub-ba lu2-tu15 ga-ba-al he2-mu-e-du3 nam-mu-ni-du3-du3-en
 en: Stand, idiot, in order to have an argument! (But) you should not have an argument (again)
  double ruling
  blank space
19. a-ra2 3(disz)-kam szid-bi 4(u@v) 5(disz) ga2-nu ga-na ga-ab#-sa2#!-sa2!-en
 en: It is the 3rd time (i.e., the 3rd extract in a series). Its (line) count is 45. (The composition) “Come, come on, let us compare.”

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
  • Measurements (mm):
  • Weight:
  • Artifact Preservation:
  • Condition Description:
  • Join Information:
  • Seal no.:
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  • Artifact comments:

  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 5.04.01 Two Scribes (witness))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: UET 6, 0156 + 0631

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • citation: Class Reunion, CM 47 (2015) text Y

    [Johnson2015CM47] Johnson, J. Cale, and Markham J. Geller. 2015. The Class Reunion : An Annotated Translation and Commentary on the Sumerian Dialogue Two Scribes. Vol. 47. Cuneiform Monographs.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U —
  • Findspot Square:
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