CDLI Literary 000379, ex. 024 (P346224)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 2.02.02 Lament for Ur (witness))






1. [a]-a# {d}nanna iszib-zu esz2#-da# [...] szu# [...]
 en: Father Nanna, your išib priest did not perfect the holy šita prayer(?) for you
2. lu2#-mah-zu gi-gun4-na ku3-zu sza3 gada nu-mu-um#?-[...]
 en: Your lumah priest did not wear the šaggada garment
3. en zi sza3 hi-li pa3-da-zu e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la
 en: Your true en priestess, chosen in the heart (for her) beauty, the one of the Ekišnugal temple
4. esz3-ta ge6-par4-sze3 hul2-la-a-ni nu-mu-ni-in-ku4
 en: Did not enter as she rejoices(?) into the gipar structure (coming from) the shrine
5. a-u3-a kisal ezem-ma-zu ezem nu-mu-ni-ib2-du10-ge
 en: The a'ua musicians are not sweetening the festival (in) your courtyard (hosting) the festival
6. szem5 {kusz}a2-la2-e nig2 sza3 hul2-le-a tigi nu-mu-ra-du12
 en: Neither the šem and ala drums, those which make the heart rejoice, nor the tigi instrument was played for you
7. sag-gig2-ga ezem#-zu-sze3 a# la-ba-tu5-tu5-a
 en: The blackheaded, who no longer bathed for your festival
8. gu-gin7 sag BU-ra zi ha-ba-ni-ku5 uludin2-bi ba-kur2
 en: If(!?) like a thread ... (their) life was cut, their features were changed
9. en3-du-zu er2-re ba-da-an-ku4 en3-tukum-bi-sze3 SAR-e
 en: Your songs have become weeping, how long ...?
10. tigi-zu a-nir-ra ba-da-an-ku4 en3-tukum-bi-sze3 SAR-e
 en: Your tigi songs have become lamentation, how long ...?
11. gu4-zu tur3-a-na ba-ra-ba-da-an-gub en3-tukum-bi-sze3 SAR-e
 en: If your bull does not stand in its stall, how long ...?
12. udu-zu amasz-bi-a ba-ra-ba-dur2-ru-un en3-tukum-bi-sze3 SAR-e
 en: If your sheep does not stand in its fold, how long ...?
13. szu-kux(PESZ) ku6 gur3-ru-zu hul-gal2-e ba-dab5
 en: An evildoer has seized your fisherman who brings fish
14. muszen-du3 muszen gur3-ru-zu ul4-ul4-e im-gen#
 en: Your fowler who bring birds hurriedly goes (away)
15. i7 ma-rux(TE)-re ba-ab-du7-za# sza3-ba {u2}numun2 ba-an-mu2#
 en: In your canal, (formerly) made suitable for a barge, rushes(!?) grew in its bed
16. har-ra-an {gesz}gigir#-ra# ba-ab-du7-za sza3-ba {gesz}AD2 kur-ra ba-an-mu2
 en: On your roads, (formerly) made suitable for a chariot, thorn bushes grew in its midst
17. uru2-zu e2-zu ama-bi-gin7 er2# gig i3-sze8-sze8
 en: Your city and you temple weep (for you) bitterly like their(?) mother
18. uri2{ki}-ma dumu sila-a ha!-lam-gin7# ki mu-szi-kikken2
 en: Urim, like a child lost in the street, seeks (your) place
19. szeg12-zu# e2 zi-za lu2-lu7-gin7 he2-me-am3-bi im-me-e
 en: The brickwork of your true temple, like a human, says “So be it!"(in resignation!?)
20. nin-gu10 e2-ta e3-me-en uru17-ta e3-me-en
 en: My lady, you have left the temple, you have left the city
21. en3-sze3-am3 iri-zu lu2-erim2-gin7 bar-ta ba-gub-be2
 en: How long will (you) stand apart from your city like an enemy?
22. ama {d}nin-gal e2-zu ki erim2-gin7 gaba-na ba-e-da-sa2
 en: Mother Ningal, (how long) will your temple align with you at its chest like a hostile place
23. kalam-ma-a-ni-sze3 kusz2-u3 he2-me-en-na za3 e-ne ba-tag-ge
 en: If you are one who is concerned about her land, why do (you) reject it?
24. gu4-gin7 tur3-zu-sze3 udu-gin7 amasz-zu-sze3
 en: Like an ox towards/on behalf of(?) your cattlepen, like a sheep towards/on behalf of(?) your sheepfold
25. dumu banda3{+da}-gin7 ama5-zu#-sze3 nin-gu10 e2-zu-sze3
 en: Like a younger child towards/on behalf of(?) your (mother's?) chamber, my lady, towards/on behalf of(?) your temple
26. an lugal dingir-re-e-ne musz2-am3-zu he2-em-me
 en: May An, the king of the gods, speak your “It is enough”
27. {d}en-lil2 lugal kur-kur-ra-ke4 nam-zu-sze3!? he2-bi2-ib-tar-re
 en: Enlil, the king of the lands, shall decree your fate
28. iri{ki}-zu!(BA) ki-bi-a ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-eresz-bi ak
 en: He shall restore your(!) city to its place, exercise its queenship!
29. uri2#{ki#} ki#-bi-a ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4 nam-eresz-bi ak
 en: He shall restore Urim to its place, exercise its queenship!
30. ki#-ru#-gu2 ussu-kam-ma
 en: It is the eighth kirugu
31. [...] mu#-da-kur2-ra me-zu#? ki-bi ha-ra-ab-gi4-gi4
 en: Your(?) me that were changed to your detriment, may he restore your(?) me to their place
32. gesz#-gi4-gal2-bi-im
 en: It is its gešgigal “response”
33. e# u4-de3 u4-de3 kalam tesz2-a i-ni-ib-ri
 en: Oh, the storm, the storm has been cast down in the land together
34. u4 gal an-na-ke4 u4 gu3 dub2-dub2-be2
 en: Great storm of An, continually shouting storm
35. u4 gig#-ga# kalam-ma ba-e-zal-la ri
 en: That bitter day (storm) passed in the land
36. u4# uru2#? gul-gul-e u4 e2 gul-gul-e
 en: The storm destroying the city, the storm destroying the temple
37. u4# tur3 gul-gul-e u4 amasz tab-tab-be2
 en: The storm destroying the cattlepen and flattening the sheepfold
38. garza# ku3#-ga szu bi2-la2-a-bi
 en: That one that paralyzed the pure rites
39. garza#? aratta#-a-ka szu pe-el-la2 im-mi-in-du11-ga
 en: The one who defiled the rites, (those) of Aratta (i.e., important?)
40. u4#!? kalam-ma nig2-du10-ge im-mi-in-ku5# ri#
 en: That storm that cut off a good thing in the land
1. u4 sag-gig2-ga a2 bi2-ib2-la2#-a ri
 en: That storm that bound the arms of the black-headed people
2. ki-ru-gu2 9(disz)-kam-ma
 en: It is the 9th kirugu
3. u4 ri u4 igi tesz2 nu#-gal2#-la# ri
 en: That storm, that storm that has no shame (in) its face
4. u4 ama nu-zu ri u4 a-a nu-zu ri
 en: That storm that knows no mother, that storm that knows no father
5. u4 dam nu-zu ri u4 dumu nu-zu ri
 en: That storm that knows no spouse, that storm that knows no child
6. u4 nin9 nu-zu ri# u4 szesz nu-zu ri
 en: That storm that knows no sister, that storm that knows no brother
7. u4 usar nu-zu ri ma-la nu-zu ri
 en: That storm that knows no neighbor, that storm that knows no girlfriend
8. u4 dam szub-ba u4 dumu szub-ba
 en: The storm that cast the spouse, the storm that cast down the child
9. u4 ri u4 kalam-ma u2-gu bi2-in-de2-a-ke4
 en: That storm, the storm of having made the land forgotten
10. u4 hul gig du11-ga {d}en-lil2-la2-ta im-mi-in-zal-la ri
 en: The hating day (storm) that was made to pass by Enlil
11. a-a {d}nanna u4-bi uru17-zu-sze3 hur nam-ba-ga2-ga2
 en: Father Nanna, that storm must never again be placed upon your city
12. u4-bi im an-ta szeg3-ga2-gin7 ki-bi-sze3 nam-ba-gur
 en: That storm, like a rain storm raining from above, must not turn towards that place
13. nig2-zi-gal2 an-ki sag-gig2 ni2 im-mu-e-da-ab-ri
 en: It has cast a fearful aura (upon) the creatures of the universe (and) the black-headed
14. u4 szu du3-a-ba he2-em-ma-gul-e
 en: When the storm is bound by the hands(?), it must be destroyed
15. abul ge6-u3-na-gin7 ig he2-bi2-ib2-kesz2-da
 en: Like a gate at nighttime, the door must be tied shut (to keep it out)
16. nig2-ka9-bi e2 {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 {gesz}gag-ta he2-em-ta-si-ig
 en: Its balanced account in the temple of Enlil must be torn away from its peg
17. ki-ru-gu2 1(u)-kam-ma
 en: It is the 10th kirugu
18. ul-la u4 kur2-ra u4-da egir-bi-sze3
 en: In distant time and future time, today and in the future/"the end of day(s)"(?)
19. u4 ul kalam ki gar-ra-a-ba
 en: In distant time, after the land(?) was founded (again, like before(?))
20. {d}nanna lu2 sun5-na giri3-zu mu-un-dab5-ba
 en: Nanna, the humble man who took to your path (i.e., followed you)/seized your feet
21. er2-ra e2 si-ga mu-ra-an-du11 igi-zu-sze3 du12-a-bi
 en: Has performed the lament of the silent house for you, the one/as one performing before you
22. sag-gig2 ba-ra-an-szub-szub-bu-usz-a giri17 szu ha-ra-ab-tag-ge-ne
 en: The black headed that had fallen away (from the path?), they shall stroke the nose in submission for you
23. iri du6-du6-dam ba-an-gar-ra-ba i-si-isz-bi hu-mu-ra-an-ga2-ga2
 en: ... shall initiate the wailing of the city that had been rendered into ruin heaps for you
24. {d}nanna uru17 ki-bi-a gi4-a-za pa e3 ha-ra-ab-ke3-e
 en: Nanna, ... shall make your city that has been restored to its place resplendent (again) for you
25. mul-an ku3-gin7 nam-mu-ha-lam-e-de3 igi-zu-sze3 ba-dab5-be2
 en: Like a pure heavenly star which must never be forgotten, it will pass(!?) before you
26. dingir lu2-lux(URU)-ke4 kadra mu-ra-an-de6
 en: The personal god has brought a kadra greeting gift for you
27. lu2 siskur2-ra-ke4 a-ra-zu mu-ra-ab-be2
 en: The one of the siskur prayer/rites makes an arazu prayer for you
28. {d}nanna arhusz sug4 kalam-ma-me-en
 en: Nanna, you are the one filled with mercy of the land
29. en {d}dil-im2-babbar2 sza3-zu mi-ni-ib2-du11-ga-ta
 en: Lord Dilimbabbar, after your heart has spoken
30. {d}nanna lu2-lux(URU)-ba nam-tag-bi u3-mu-e-duh
 en: Nanna, after you has released the sin of that man
31. lu2 a-ra-zu im-me-a sza3 ha-ba-na#-hun-e
 en: The one who makes an arazu prayer shall pacify (your) heart for him
32. lu2 siskur2-ra-ke4 mu-un-gub-ba! igi zi u3-mu-un-szi-in-bar
 en: After you have looked faithfully towards the one of the siskur prayer/rites who has served(?)
33. {d}nanna igi zi bar-ra-zu sza3-szu-nigin2#? sug4#-ga
 en: Nanna, your true look is full of mercy
34. lu2-lux(URU)-bi u4 hul duh-a-ke4 he2-em-da#-x-[...]
 en: May the man who the storm unleashed evil against shine towards (you)
35. sza3 kalam-ma-ke4 gal2-la-gin7 he2-em-da#-szi#-[...]
 en: As one who is in the midst of the land(?) may he bow towards (you?)
36. {d#}nanna# iri ki-bi gi4-a-za me#-tesz2# [...]
 en: Nanna, may you be praised in your restored city
37. ki-ru-gu2 1(u) [1(disz)-kam-ma]
 en: It is the 11th kirugu

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
  • Measurements (mm):
  • Weight:
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  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 2.02.02 Lament for Ur (witness))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: UET 6, 0139a

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U 16900m
  • Findspot Square:
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