CDLI Literary 000379, ex. 023 (P346223)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 2.02.02 Lament for Ur (witness))






1. u4-ba u4 uru17 ba-da-an-gar iri-bi du6-du6-da
 en: At that time(!) the storm was placed together with the city, the city was ruin heaps
2. a-a {d}nanna uru17#-bi du6-du6-da ba-da-an-gar ug3 sze am3-sza4
 en: Father Nanna, the city has been placed into ruins, and the people wailed
3. u4# ka-na-ag2 ba-da-an-kar ug3 sze am3-sza4
 en: The storm deprived the land of ..., and the people wailed
4. ka-na-ag2-e szika ku5-da nu-me-a sug!-ge4 bi2-in-gu7 ug3 sze am3-sza4
 en: The land was devastated (until) there was not even a broken sherd (left), and the people wailed
5. badx(EZEN)-bi gu2-giri16 im-mi-in-gar ug3 sze am3-sza4
 en: A breach was made in the wall, and the people wailed
6. abul mah-ba giri3 gal2-la-ba adda im-mi-in-gar-gar-re
 en: At the great gate where there was a path, it was piling up corpses
7. sila dagal ezem-gin7 du3-a-ba sag numun-e-esz ba-ab-gar
 en: In the broad lane prepared as if for a festival, head(s) were placed as seeds
8. e-sir2-e-sir2-ra giri3 gal2-la-ba adda im-mi-in-gar-gar-re
 en: In the streets, where there were paths, it was piling up corpses
9. eszemen ezem gal2 ug3 zarx(SUG)?-re-esz mu-un-sal
 en: In the playground, where there was a festival, it spread out people (as) sheaves
10. u3-mun kalam-ma alal an-na-ke4 sur-sur ba-gar-gar
 en: Ditches/burial pits were put down (for) the blood of land like (it would be done for?) the drainpipe of heaven(?)
11. adda-ba i3-udu u4-de3# gal2-la-ba ni2-bi mu-un-zal-le-esz
 en: (That of) the corpses, (like) sheep fat in sunlight, dissolved by themselves
12. lu2 {uruda}ha-zi-in-e i-im-til-la-gin7 sag TUG2 la-ba-an-ak#-[...]
 en: Like a man ended by a hazin axe, one was not (bothering to) “clothe his head"/wearing a turban (as a bandage?)
13. masz-nita gesz-bur2 dab5-ba-gin7 ka# sahar-ra bi2-in-us2#
 en: Like a goat buck caught by a snare, (one) lodged his mouth in the dirt
14. lu2 {gesz}mitum-e i-im-til-la-gin7# {tug2#}nig2-la2# [...]-bi2#-in-la2
 en: And therefore(?) like a man ended by the mitum weapon, one did not (bother to) wear bandages
15. e-gi4-in-zu! ki ha-ri-isz-tum ama#-ba#? [...] mud2#-ba mu-un-sze21-sze21
 en: As if lying in the birthing place of their mother, one laid in his(!) blood
16. lu2 gesztin nag nu-me-esz gu2 za3-ga bi2-ib2-lax(ME)-esz
 en: Those who had not drunk wine nonetheless hung their necks down (lit. on the shoulder) (as if drunk)
17. {gesz}tukul-e gub-ba {gesz}tukul-e bi2-in-gaz2#
 en: Those who served with weaponry(?) were slaughtered by weaponry
18. lu2-kar-ra-bi u4 im-ma-an-de6 ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: The storm took away(?) fugitive men and gazelles (alike?), and the people wailed
19. uri2{ki}-ma si-ga kal-ga-bi sza3-gar-re ba-til
 en: In Urim the weak and strong alike came to an end out of hunger
20. um-ma ab#-ba e2-ta nu-e3 izi mu-ni-in-si-ge5-esz
 en: The elder women and men who did not leave the house were set on fire
21. di4-di4#-la2# ur2 ama-bi ne-a ku6-sze6 a ba-ab-de6
 en: Water brought away(?) the tiny ones ... the lap of the mother like(!) fish
22. emeda{+da#} lirum kal-ga# lirum-ba ba-an-du8-du8
 en: The strong grasp of the wetnurse, (this) grasp was loosened
23. dim2-ma kalam-ma u2-gu ba-an-de2 ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: The allegiance/sense of the land was forgotten, and the people wailed
24. erim3-ma kalam-ma u2-gu ba-an-de2 ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: The treasury of the land was forgotten, and the people wailed
25. ama dumu-ni-ir irix(ERIM3)?-ni ba-ra#-e3 ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: The mother left her city(!?) for (to the detriment of?) her son, and the people wailed
26. ad-da dumu-ni?-ta!? ba!-da-an-gur? ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: The father turned away from his son, and the people wailed
27. iri{ki}-a dam ba-szub dumu ba-szub nig2-gur11! ba-birx(HAR)-birx(HAR)-re
 en: In the city the spouse was abandoned, the child was abandoned, possessions were scattered
28. sag-gig2-ga ki-sag-gal2-la-na im-me-de3-re7{+re}-esz
 en: The blackheaded people went into ...'s solemn place
29. nin-bi muszen ni2 te-a-gin7 uru17{ki}-ni ba-ra-e3
 en: The lady left her city like a frightened bird
30. {d}nin-gal muszen# ni2# te#-a#-gin7 uru17{ki}-ni ba-ra-e3
 en: Ningal left her city like a frightened bird
31. nig2-gur11 x-[... ma]-al#-ma-al-la sug!-ge4 hu-mu-da-ab-gux(KA)
 en: And therefore(?) the possessions ... amassed(?) (there) were annihilated
32. erimx(URU2)-ma [...] x-ab-du12-du12 ni2 im-ma-lah5
 en: In the treasury(?) (which) had possessed ... plundered itself(?)
33. a2-nigin2-na {d#?}gibil6# lu2 sikil-ke4 kin2-ga2 al-du3-du3
 en: (Even) in the ponds, Gibil, the purifier, was performing(?) work
34. hur-sag sukud#?-[...] szu#? nu-te-ge26-e en e2-kisz-nu-gal2-la-ke4
 en: The high mountain range which no hand approaches, oh lord(?) of the Ekišnugal temple
35. e2 zi-de3 {uruda}ha-zi-in gal-gal-e tesz2-bi i3-gu7-e
 en: The true temple, the great hazin axes were consuming as if in a pack
36. szimaszgi{ki} elam{ki} lu2 ha-lam-ma uszu3 kin2 ba-da-ak-ak
 en: (The troops of) Šimašgi and Elam, the destructive ones, were treating it as if it was worth thirty shekels(!?)
37. e2 zi-de3 uru17 {gesz}al-e ba-ab-ra-a-gin7 ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: When(?) the pickaxes struck the true temple and city, the people wailed
38. uru17# du6-du6-da mu-un-ga2-ga2-e-ne ug3-e sze am3-sza4
 en: They were making the city into ruin heaps, and the people wailed
1. nin-bi a uru17-gu10 im-me a e2-gu10 im-me
 en: Its lady was crying “Alas, my city,” she was crying “Alas, my temple”
2. {d}nin-gal a uru2-gu10 im-me a e2-gu10# im#-me!?
 en: Ningal was crying “Alas, my city,” she was crying “Alas, my temple”
3. {lu2}nu-nuz-e u4 uru17 ba-da-gul u4 e2 ba-da-gul
 en: The woman, the storm destroyed (her) city, the storm destroyed her temple
4. {d#}[...] esz3# uri2{ki}-ma ba-da-gul-la ug3 ba-da-bir-birx(HAR)-re
 en: Nanna(?), shrine Urim is destroyed, and the people are scattering
5. ki-ru-gu2 6(disz)-kam-ma
 en: It is the 6th kirugu
6. tur3-a-na amasz-a-na nu-nuz-e gu3 gig-ga mu-ni-ib2-be2 iri u4-de3 am3-gul-e
 en: In her cattlepen, in her sheepfold, the woman shouts bitterly, the storm is destoying the city
7. gesz-gi4-gal2-bi-im
 en: It is its gešgigal “response”
8. ama {d}nin-gal uru17{ki}-ni lu2-erim2-gin7 bar-ta ba-ra-gub
 en: Mother Ningal stands apart from her city like an enemy
9. {lu2}nu-nuz-e na-ag2 uru17 hul-a-na gig-ga-bi im-me
 en: The woman cries bitterly about the fate of her destroyed city
10. {d}nin-gal-e na-ag2 e2 hul-a-na gig-ga-bi im-me
 en: Ningal cries bitterly about the fate of her destroyed temple
11. an-ne2 uru17 na-ag2 ha-ba-de3-ku5 uru17{ki}-gu10 hu-mu-da-gul
 en: An must curse (my) city, my city must be destroyed
12. {d}en-lil2-le e2-gu10 asz2!(TUG2) he2-bi2-ib-bala-e {gesz}al ha-ba-ISZ-ra
 en: Enlil must curse my temple, the pickaxe must strike(!)
13. sig-ta du-ga2 izi ba-ni-szub uru17{ki}-gu10 hu-mu-da-gul
 en: He (must) cast fire upon my ... coming from the lowland, my city must be destroyed
14. {d}en-lil2-le igi-nim-ma-ni u3-bu-bu-ul ha-ba-ni-tag!?
 en: Enlil must touch down lightning flame upon his(!?) highland
15. [...] bar-ra uru17 bar hu-mu-da-gul a uru17-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: At the outskirts of the city, the outer city must be destroyed, and I shall say “Alas, my city”
16. uru2#? sza3-ba uru2 sza3-ab hu-mu-da-gul a uru2-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: In the middle of the city, the inner city must be destroyed, and I shall say “Alas, my city”
17. e2# uru2#? bar-ra-gu10 ba-gulx(GIR4)-gul-e a uru2-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My temple (in) the outskirts of the city is being destroyed, and I shall say “Alas, my city”
18. [...] uru17? sza3-ba-gu10 ba-gul-gulx(GIR4)-e a uru2-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My temple (in) the middle of the city is being destroyed, and I shall say “Alas, my city”
19. x-gu10 u8 zi-gin7 ba-ra-ma-lug sipa zi-bi ba-ra-gub
 en: Therefore, the city is not pastured for me like a fertile ewe, its true shepherd is not present
20. uri2{ki} ud5 zi-gin7 ba-ra-ma-lug gab2-bar-bi ba-ra-gub
 en: Therefore, Urim is not pastured for me like a fertile she-goat, its herder is not present
21. gu4-gu10 tur3-bi-a ba-ra-an-gub mu-nu10#-bi ba-ra-gub
 en: My ox does not stand in the cattlepen, its herder is not present
22. e-ze2-gu10 amasz#-bi#-a# ba#-ra#-an#-dur2-ru-un# [...]-bi ba-ra-gub
 en: My sheep do not dwell in their sheepfold, their herder is not present
23. i7 uru2{ki}-ke4 sahar ha-ba-ab-gur4-gur4 e2# [...] x ha#?-ba-ab-tum3
 en: The canal of the city thickens with silt and produces(?) fox dens(?)
24. sza3-ba a zal-le ba-ra-mu-un-de6 mu#-[...] ba#-ra-gub
 en: In its course it does not bring flowing water, its canal inspector is not present
25. GAN2 uru2-ga2-ke4 sze ba-ra-mu-un-gal2 mu-gar3-bi ba-ra-gub
 en: In the fields of my city, grain is not present, its farmer is not present
26. GAN2-gu10 GAN2 {gesz}al ri-a-gin7 mul-GAN2-mul{sar} ha-ba-mu2
 en: (In?) my field, like a field that the pickax has struck (to destroy it and render it unusable!?), (only) the “star of the field(?)” plant grows
27. pu2 {gesz}kiri6 lal3 gesztin du8-a-ba {gesz}AD2 kur-ra ha-ba-mu2
 en: In the irrigated orchards that heap up(?) syrup and wine, the thornbush of the mountain grows grows
28. edin giri17-zal-bi SI-A-ba gir4-gin7 ba-ur5-ur5
 en: In the steppe whose “joy” was surpassing/filled it(?), (it was) emitting (a baking scent?) like an oven(?)
29. mu-un-gur11-gu10 buru4{muszen} dugud zi-ga-gin7 dal-dal-bi ha-ba-ab-[...] mu-un-gur11-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My possessions are taken away flying like a flock of crows taking flight, I must cry “My possessions!”
30. mu-un-gur11-gu10 sig-ta di-ga2 sig-sze3 ha-ba-ab-de6 mu-un-gur11-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My possessions coming from the lowland are brought back to the lowland, I must cry “My possessions!”
31. mu-un-gur11-gu10 igi-nim-ta di-ga2 igi-nim-sze3 ha-ba-ab#-de6 mu-un-gur11-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My possessions coming from the highland are brought back to the highland, I must cry “My possessions!”
32. ku3 {na4}za-gin3-gu10-ta ba-e-bir-bir-re mu-un#-gur11-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: (The storm?) scatters me away from(?) my precious metal and lapis, I must cry “My possessions!”
33. gil-sa-gu10 sug-ge4 hu-mu-un-da-gu7 mu-un-gur11-gu10 ga-am3-du11
 en: My treasure is annihilated, I must cry “My possessions!”
34. ku3-gu10 lu2 ku3 nu-zu-ne szu-bi ba-ni-in-si mu-un-gu7
 en: People who know nothing(?) of precious metal fill the hand with my precious metal and consume it
35. {na4}za-gin3-gu10 lu2 {na4}za-gin3 nu-zu-ne gu2-bi ha-ma-da-ab-si
 en: People who know nothing(?) of lapis load their necks with my lapis
36. {iti}gur10-{d}inanna u4 1(u) 4(disz)-kam
 en: It is the month of Gur-Inanna, the 14th day
1. mu-x-x-x
 en: ...

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
  • Measurements (mm):
  • Weight:
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  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 2.02.02 Lament for Ur (witness))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: UET 6, 0138

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U 16900l
  • Findspot Square:
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