UET 6, 0117 (P346202)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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1a. e2-igi-du8-bi-i3-silim
1b. _e2_ a-me-er-szu sza-lim
2a. e2-ni2-gal-an-ki-szu2-a
2b. _e2_ na-am-ri-ru-ka sza-me-e er-s,e-tam sa-ah-pu
3a. e2-szu-luh-u18-ru
3b. _e2_ sza* szu-luh-hu-szu* na*-ak-lu
4a. e2#-nam#-[ti]-su3#-[ud]
4b. [...]
  rest broken
  beginning broken
1a'. [e2]-szu-[...]
1b'. _e2_ szu-[...]
2a'. e2-[u18]-ru-mah#?-[an-ki]
2b'. _e2_ x x [...]
3a'. {d}utu-esz3-[abzu-nir]-gal2
3b'. <{d}utu> _e2 abzu#_ [e-te]-el
4a'. [e2] {[di]-im#}dim2#-an-ki
4b'. _e2_ ba-an sza-me-e er-s,e-ti
5a'. {d}nin-szubur-e2-ku3-ta-nir-gal2
5b'. {d}nin-szubur _e2-abzu_ e-te-el
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