CDLI Literary 000750, ex. 015 (P346197)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 4.80.01 Temple Hymns (witness) Collection of Temple Hymns)






  beginning broken
1'. mu# du10-ga#? [...]
 en: Named a good name
2'. sza3-zu {d}[...]
 en: Your interior is the river ordeal
3'. e2!-galga-su3# [...]
 en: Egalgasud temple, storehouse that makes silver and lapis
4'. gi-sa-sze3# [...]
 en: Into treasure
5'. tar-sirx(SUD)-sirx(SUD) [...] me i3-i ki?-ri szu# gal2
 en: Etarsirsir temple, enunciating/effecting(?) decisions and the cosmic powers, one who strokes the nose (in submission)
6'. nun-zu sza3-la2 tuku#? [...]
 en: Your ruler, possessed of pity ...
7'. nin a-zu gal [...]
 en: Lady, great physician of the black headed
8'. nam iri{ki}-na# [...]
 en: Who decrees the fate of her city
9'. dumu sag an ku3-ga ama#? [...]
 en: Eldest child of holy An, mother Bau
10'. e2 iri{ki#?}-[...]
 en: Temple of the Irikug sacred precinct
11'. musz#-za# e2 bi2-in#-[gub]
 en: She erected a temple in your sacred space
12'. bara2-za dur2 bi2-in#-[gar]
 en: She sat on your dais
  double ruling
13'. e2-bur-sag12-sag12 an-e sug2#-[...]
 en: Ebursagsag temple, (where beautiful stone bowls) are set up under heaven
14'. {+u2-nu}unu6 {en#?}en KA ku3-gin7 sa2 [...]
 en: The dining hall/sanctum, consistently supplied (with offerings?) like the lord of the pure mouth(!?)
15'. he-nun ab sza3-ga unu2 [...]
 en: The abundance of the midst of the sea, ... inner sanctum
16'. sumur3? ku3-ZI UBUR? [...] u2-x u2-gu-ul gar-ra
 en: Pure(?) roof/hair?(?), ..., ..., ... interceding
17'. a-si-lu-lu [...]
 en: Rejoicing ...
18'. e2-mah e2 {d}szara2 e2#? lu2 zi#?-[...]
 en: The Emah temple, temple of Šara, the temple(?) where the faithful man in(?) abundance
19'. szu mu-ra-ni-in#-[...]
 en: Prayed to you
20'. e2-zu e2-mah# nun#-zu dumu nun# [...]
 en: Your temple, the Emah, your prince, the princely son of the nugig midwife (Inanna)(?)
21'. szeg10#? sal#-sal x he#-nun [...]
 en: It voice thinned/spread out(?), (its) sacred space(?) producing(?) abundance
22'. [...] x [...]
  rest broken
  beginning broken
  double ruling
1'. [e2]-sze-er-zi-gur3#-[ru ...]
 en: Ešerzidguru temple, inner sanctum hung with šuba stones
2'. ni2# gal nigar{gar} ku3# [...]
 en: (Possessing) a great aura, the nigar sanctary of holy Inanna
3'. me zi me e3 szu x [...] x [...] x x [...]
 en: Adorning/touching the true me, the emerging(?) me, broadly
4'. zabalax(|MUSZ3.ZA.UNUG|){ki} esz3 MUSZ3 KUR#? [...] x x [...]
 en: Zabalam, shrine ..., shrine at daybreak(?)
5'. ku-ur-{ku}kurku2 ad mi-x-[...]
 en: She has found the voice of (i.e. found expression for?) the wish(?)
6'. unu2{ki} zi-za nu-gig#?-[...]
 en: In your true inner sanctum, the nugig midwife
7'. kur-ku ma-ra-ni-[...]
 en: Laid down the wish
8'. nin-zu {d}inanna MUNSZUB? [...] dili{+di-li}
 en: Your lady, Inanna, singular ...
9'. uszumgal lu2 dili ur2 dab5-ba [...]
 en: ušumgal creature grabbing the limbs(?) of the single(?) man, ...
10'. nig2-babbar2 sag SAR-SAR ki-bala-sze3 [...]
 en: Shining as something white, advancing toward the rebel land
11'. gesz-he u2-sa11-an-na ni2-ta-[...]
 en: The firmament in the evening made beautiful by her own (doing)
12'. dumu gal {d#}suen#-na {d}inanna#-[ke4]
 en: The eldest child of Suen, Inanna
13'. e2 ki# zabalax(|MUSZ3.ZA.UNUG|)#[{ki}]
 en: Temple of Zabalam
14'. musz-za e2# bi2#-in-[gub]
 en: She erected a temple in your sacred space
15'. bara2-za dur2 bi2#-[in-gar]
 en: She sat on your dais
  double ruling
  blank space

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
  • Measurements (mm):
  • Weight:
  • Artifact Preservation:
  • Condition Description:
  • Join Information:
  • Seal no.:
  • Seal information:
  • Artifact comments:

  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 4.80.01 Temple Hymns (witness) Collection of Temple Hymns)
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: TCS 3, 015

    [Bergmann1969TCS3] Sjöberg, Åke W., and Eugen Bergmann. 1969. The Collection of the Sumerian Temple Hymns. Vol. 3. Texts from Cuneiform Sources. Locust Valley, N.Y.

  • history: UET 6, 0112

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U —
  • Findspot Square:
  • Findspot Comments:

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