CDLI Literary 000351, ex. 048 (P346091)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 1.06.02 Ninurta’s Exploits (witness))






1. lugal-gu10 {na4}e-le-li im-ma-gub#
 en: My king attended to the eleli stone
2. {d}nin-urta dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 nam# am3-ib-tar-re
 en: Ninurta, the son of Enlil, was decreeing (its) fate
3-4. {na4}e-le-li gesztu2 tuku kur dux(LU2) mu2-a-ba ni2-gu10# he2-me-ni-ri
 en: eleli stone, possessed of wisdom, when the mountain sows discord, I shall cast down my aura upon you
5. ki-bala ug3 tesz2-ba ri-a-ga2 mu-gu10# hu-mu-ni-pa3#
 en: Upon my rebel land (whose) people confront together, you(?) shall invoke my name
6. silim-ma-zu-ta nam-ba#-e-re-be4
 en: You shall not diminish from your healthy/intact state
7. gur4-ra-zu tur-e-bi he2-gig
 en: The reduction of your thickness shall be difficult(?)
8. me!-gu10 mar-za si ha-ba-ni-ib2-sa2
 en: My cosmic powers shall regulate (your) rites(!?)
9. {gesz}tukul!(TUG2) sag3-ge ur-sag ug5-ga-ga2 szu gal-bi? he2-ni!-du7
 en: You shall be greatly suited for my smiting weapon which kills the hero
10. x-mah-ga2-a ki-gal ha-ra-an-ri
 en: In my supreme courtyard(!?) a pedestal shall be set down for you
11. kalam-e u6# du10-ge-esz mu-e kur-kur he2-il2-i
 en: (May) the land(?) admire (you) sweetly, the (foreign) lands shall raise (you)
  double ruling
12. ur-sag {na4#}ka-gin6-e ba-gub
 en: The hero attended to the kagina stone
13. nam-kal-ga-bi#-sze3# gu3# ba-de2-e
 en: He spoke (to it) because of its might
14. {d}nin-urta dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 nam am3-ib-tar-re
 en: Ninurta, the son of Enlil, was decreeing (its) fate
15. sul ni2-tuku gesz#-nu11 bar-sze3 gal2
 en: Reverent youth who sets (saturated) light to the outside
16. {na4#}ka#-gin6-na ki-bala-ta gu3# mu-e-re-gal2-la
 en: kagina stone, you who put down a shout for me in the rebel land
17. [...]-gu10# sa2 mu-ri-ib2-du11#
 en: My hand did not conquer you (as) an arrogant one(?)
18. [...] ba#-ra#?-[...]
 en: And therefore(?) I did not bind you(?) together with the hostile ones
  rest broken
  beginning broken
1'. {na4#}za#?-[...]
 en: ...
2'. {na4#}x-[...]
 en: ...
3'. {na4}gug-x [...]
 en: The guggazi and marhali stones
4'. {na4}e-gi-za3#?-ga# {na4#}gi-rin#?-[...] {na4}an-zu2#!?-[... {na4}]nir2#?-musz#-gir2
 en: The egizaga, girinhiliba, anzugulme and nirmušir stones
5'. en-e zi# [...]-e#
 en: The lord, ...
6'. {d}nin-urta dumu {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 nam am3-ib2-tar-re
 en: Ninurta, the son of Enlil, was decreeing (its) fate
7'. a#?-[...] ba#-du nita# munus dim2#-ma u3# za-e-gin7 ki-gu10-usz
 en: Whatever(?) ... you go, (whether) formed as(?) male and female, you thus(?) “towards my place”
8'. nam-tag#? [...]-tuku szu-zu e2-gar8-am3 ba-da-x-x-en
 en: You possessed no sin, your hand “pushes"(?) that which is a wall (demonstrating solidarity or inactivity as a conspirator?)
9'. ki-inim#?-ma#?-ka# ni2# mu-e-ni-bulug5
 en: As a witness(?), (you) boasted about me/yourself(?)
10'. ad gi4-gi4-da ga2-e mi-ni-ib2-bulug5-en
 en: I will rear you(!) in/on (my lap, etc.) together with “an adviser"(?)
11'. pu#-uh2#-ru-ma szagina-me-en inim#? gar-ra-gin7
 en: Like one who made the claim(?) “I am the general” in the assembly(?)
12'. {na4}nir2# gesztin lal3-e ha-ma-pa3-de3#
 en: nir stone(?), (you) shall chose among(?) the wine and syrup for me(?)
13'. ku3-sig17 zi-de3-esz mi2# he2#-[...]-en-ze2-en
 en: You (pl.) shall faithfully care for gold (which you are inlaid with?)
14'. u2-sag# dingir-re-e-ne#-ka
 en: Among(?) the ... of the gods
15'. kur-kur-re giri17 ki szu2-szu2-zu giri17 szu ha#-ba-ab-tag#-ge
 en: The lands shall touch the nose in submission when you(?) grovel(?)
16'. lugal-gu10 {na4}gir2-zu2-gal-la#-ke4 ba-gub igi dul2? ba#-an-ak
 en: My king attended to the flint, he looked at it angrily

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
  • Measurements (mm):
  • Weight:
  • Artifact Preservation:
  • Condition Description:
  • Join Information:
  • Seal no.:
  • Seal information:
  • Artifact comments:

  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 1.06.02 Ninurta’s Exploits (witness))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: UET 6, 0006

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • history: Lugale, 2 (1983) 016 H2

    [vanDijk1983Lugale] Dijk, Johannes J. A. van. 1983. Lugal Ud Me-Lám-Bi Nir-G̃ál : Le Récit Épique et Didactique Des Travaux de Ninurta, de Déluge et de La Nouvelle Création. Leiden : E. J. Brill.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U 16884
  • Findspot Square:
  • Findspot Comments:

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