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&P345687 = TMH NF 4, 47
#atf: lang sux
$ beginning broken
1'. unu#?{ki} he2#-[...] lugal-bi he2-me-en
2'. nibru{ki} he2-[...] sipa-bi he2-me-en
3'. uri2{ki} he2-du3 na-gada-bi he2-me-en
4'. igi ugnim-za-ka sa6-ni
5'. su iri-za-ka he2-eb2-du10-ge
6'. {d}nin-isin2{si-na} x kalam-ma-ke4
7'. [...] x du10-ga-am3# [x]-ni-in-TU-TU
8'. e2 x hu-mu-ra-ab-du10-ge
9'. sag-ki hu-mu-ra-ab-zalag-ge
10'. ur2 ku3 {d}inanna-ka-ka u4 su3-su3-u4-ba-ni-ib
11'. {d}nusku sukkal {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4 zi-sza3-gal2 nam-ti!-la e2-kur-ta hu-mu-ra-ab-x
12'. {d}kal-kal i3-du8 gal {d}en-lil2-la2-ke4
13'. ka2 nam-ti-la-ka gal2 hu-mu-ra-ab-tak4-tak4
$ blank space
# sic ?

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