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&P345403 = TCL 16, 59
#link: def A = Q000568
#atf: lang sux
1. larsa!{ki} iri# hur-sag-gin7 il2-la a2-bi sa2 x
>>A 20
2. inim an {d}en-lil2-la2-ta mu-un-da-an-zi-ga a2 x mu-un-dab5#?-be2#?
>>A 21
3. u3? unu{ki} ud5-sag kur-ra-ke4 am-gin7 si tu11#?-tu11
>>A 22
4. a2 mah-zu-ta lugal?-bi e-ne hul-bi mu-un-dab5
>>A 23
5. ugu nam-lu2-ulu3-bi szu gar mu-un-gar#-ra zi du10-ga szum2-mu-x
>>A 24
6. sag# dumu ga-gin7 usz2 nu-mu-ni-in-e3-[a] nig2-gig-ga nu-mu-un-ak
>>A 25
7. [nam]-lu2#-ulu3-bi ku6-gin7 lu3-a-ni ba-e-ni-szub u4-sze3 mu-ni-in-tak4
>>A 26
8. [ur]-sag#-bi {gesz}tukul igi-zu-sze3 im-mi-gub-bu-x szu-zu sa2 bi2-in-du11-ga
>>A 27
1. [nam-usz2]-a# mu-un-da-kar-re-esz ka#-tar-zu i3?-si-il-le-esz
>>A 28
2. [unu{ki}-ga-a] geszkim#?-bi hul-la mu-un-ku4 i-{d}utu-bi mu-un-e3
>>A 29
3. [nu-siki nu]-mu-un-kusz u2 lu-lu-a mu-un-gar u2-sal nu2?-de3-esz
>>A 30
4. [u4]-szu2#-usz-e un# kur-kur bar-bi-ta zu2# im-ma-an-gub#
>>A 31
5. mu# sa6-ga-zu sza3-la2-su3-me-esz kur-kur mu-un-gen?-na?
>>A 32
6. u4-ul-li2-a-ta lugal za-a-gin7 me3 a-ba igi mu-ni-in-du8?
>>A 33
7. ur5#-sze3-am3 {d}utu e2-babbar u4 nam-ti-zu mi-ni-KU-x?
>>A 34
8. e-ne-esz2 ga2-ra igi# zi bar-mu-un-szi-ib ka-ba-zu kukku2 hu-mu-un-zalag-ga
>>A 35
$ double ruling

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