CUSAS 13, 161 (P323504)

Administrative tablet excavated in Ešnunna (mod. Tell Asmar), dated to the Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC) period and now kept in Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

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1. [n] dabin a-ra2 1(disz@t)-kam#
2. [n] 3(ban2@c_ dabin a-ra2 2(disz@t)-kam
3. {d}utu-ba-ta-e3
4. 2(ban2@c) a-ra2 1(disz@t)-kam
5. 1(barig@c) 2(ban2@c) 4(disz@t) sila3# a-ra2 2(disz@t)-kam
6. ma-szum se11-da-um
7. 2(ban2@c) a-ra2 1(disz@t)-kam
8. 1(barig@c) 2(ban2@c) 4(disz) sila3 a-ra2 2(disz@t)-kam
9. ur-li _szu_ ansze
10. 1(ban2@c) a-ra2 1(disz@t)-kam
11. 4(ban2@c) 2(disz) sila3 a-ra2 2(disz@t)-kam
12. be-li2-ba-lik
1. 1(ban2@c) zi3@t# lugal-szesz-ni
2. 2(ban2@c) zi3@t# dingir-na-s,i2-ir
3. 1(ban2@c) zi3@t# a-da-gal
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