CT 43, 030 (P313320)

Letter tablet excavated in Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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1. a-na a-wi-il-_{d}iszkur_
2. qi2-bi2-ma
3. um-ma be-le-su2-nu-ma
4. be li ia x lu ka sza# am x [x] x x
5. sza _sag-geme2_ a-na {p}be-el-[...]
6. _sag-geme2_ a-ni-ki-a-am i-[na ...]
7. szu-ma-am i-sza-ka-na-an-x [...] x
8. u3 i-na bi-it szi-it-ti-ba [x szu]-ur-qa2-am
9. isz-ri-iq um-ma a-na-ku-ma
10. a-na _{disz}{d}utu_-a-bi _sag-geme2_ i-ti-ka tu-ru
11. um-ma szu-ma u2-ul a-ta-ru
12. pi2 a-wi-il-_{d}iszkur_ u2-ul sza-me-a-ku
13. _sag-geme2_ u2-ul a-ta-ru
14. t,a3-ab an-nu-um sza te-pu-sza-an-ni
15. um-ma at-ta-a-ma
16. isz-tu i-na-<an-na> _u4 2(u)-kam_ a-la-ka-am-ma
17. i-na-an-na ta-al-li-ik-ma
1. _itu 3(disz)-kam_ i-te-er-ba a-la-ka-am-ma
2. le-mi-at u3 a-nu-u2 na-ab-ru qe2-er-bu
3. ia-ti li-da-bi-bu-ni-ni
4. asz-szum s,u2-ha-ar-tim
5. a-mi-nim la ta-la-ka-am
6. al-ka-am-ma lu-la-bi-si-ma
7. lu a-pi2-ir-szi-ma s,u2-ha-ar-tam
8. lu-di-in la-ma na-ab-ru
9. i-la-ku-nim-ma bi-ib-la ub-ba-lu-nim
10. u3 i-na ki-sza-ad _sag-geme2_ sza-la-szi-szu
11. _{tug2}bar-si_ is,-ba-tu _sag-geme2_ [...]
12. tu-ra-am-ma _sag-geme2_ li-ta-la-ak
13. _sag-geme2_ la i-ma-at
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