BIN 06, 085 (P286220)

Letter tablet excavated in Kanesh (mod. Kültepe), dated to the Old Assyrian (ca. 1950-1850 BC) period and now kept in Nies Babylonian Collection, Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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1'. [a]-szur-sipa _dumu_ sa3-ba-si2#-a
1'. li-pa2-a u3 kur-ub-esz18-dar
2'. du10-a-szur _dumu_ puzur4-esz18-dar u2-bi-il5
3'. lu-qu2-tam2 / a-szur-sipa-ma il5-qe2-szi2
4'. u3 te2-er-tu3-szu / ki-ma / lu-qu2-tam2
5'. il5-qe2-u2 / i-li-kam 2(u) 3(disz) _tug2_ szu-ru-tum
6'. [n _tug2_] ku-ta-nu 1(disz) _tug2_ ka3-ab-tum
7'. [n] _gu2#_ 1(u) _ma-na an-na_ ku-nu-ku-a
8'. [n] _ma-na an-na_ [qa2]-tim
9'. [2(disz)] _ansze_ s,a-la2-ma-an / pi2-la2-ah-a-szur
10'. _dumu#_ ib-ni-_e2_-a / ir-de8-[a-ku-nu-ti2]
11'. [n] _gu2_ 1(u) _ma-na an-na_ ku-nu#-[ku-a]
12'. [n _tug2_] szu-ru-tum sza li-wi#-[tim]
13'. [n] _ma#-na an-na_ qa2-tim
  rest broken
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