SA 168 (P273664)

Legal tablet excavated in Larsa (mod. Tell as-Senkereh), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in Special Collections and Archives, John T. Richardson Library, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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1. _2(esze3) GAN2 a-sza3_ a-ra-me
2. _us2-sa-DU_ {d}i-szum-ba-ni
3. u3 _us2-sa-DU a-sza3_ qa2-ta-tum
4. _ki_ s,il2-li2-{d}utu _sza3-tam e2 dingir-didli_
5. {disz}i-din-{d}utu
6. _nam apin szub-me-sze3_
7. _ib2-ta-e3-a_
8. szi-it-ti-in er-re-szu
9. sza-lu-usz-ta be-el _a-sza3_
1. i-le-eq-qe2
2. _giri3_ {d}en-lil2-a-bi _lu2 e2-dub-ba_
  single ruling
3. _igi_ i3-li2-u3-{d}utu _dumu_ {d}suen-a-bu-szu
4. {disz}in-bi-i3-li2-szu
5. {disz}da-aq-lum
  single ruling
6. _iti gan-gan-e2 u4 1(disz)-kam_
7. _mu_ {d}ri-im-{d}suen-ne2 _lu2 kur2 lu2 hul-gal2
seal 1
1. i3-li2-u3-[{d}utu]
2. _dumu e2-dub-ba_
3. _ARAD {d}utu_
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