SA 197 (P273656)

Letter tablet dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in Special Collections and Archives, John T. Richardson Library, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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1. a#-na# wa-tar-{d}utu
2. qi2-bi2-ma
3. um-ma {d}suen-u2-s,e2-li-ma
4. {d}utu u3 {d}nergal
5. li-ba-al-li-t,u3-ka
6. asz-zum _sag10 tug2-hi-a_ sza a-na s,u2-ha-re-e
7. ta#-ad#-di-nu _ku3-babbar 1(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2_ ma-di
8. _i3-gesz_ sza ta-ad-di-nu-szu-nu-szi
9. _1(ban2) i3-gesz_ ma-di
10. _2(disz) gin2 igi-4(disz)-gal2 ku3-babbar_ sza {disz}u-bar-{d}utu
11. u2-ul ta-ad-di-in
12. u3 _1(disz) 1/2(disz) gin2 ku3-babbar ku3-sig17_
13. i-na qa2-ti-i-ka
14. _ku3-babbar_ an-ni-a-am# u2-ul ta-na-di-in#-szu#-nu-szi-im-ma
15. pi-ha-tum u2-ul i-il-qu2
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