EA 242 (P271113)

Tablet excavated in Akhetaten (mod. el-Amarna), dated to the Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC) period and now kept in Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

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1. a-na {disz}lugal-ri _en_-ia
2. u _{d}utu_-ia qi2-bi2-ma
3. um-ma {disz}bi-ri-di-ya
4. _lu2 iri_ ma-gid2-da{ki}
5. _ARAD2_ ki-ti _lugal_-ri
6. a-na _giri3-mesz lugal_-ri _en_-ia
7. u _{d}utu_-ia 7(disz)-szu u
8. 7(disz)-ta-a-an usz-he-hi-en
9. al-lu-u2-mi3 na-ad-na-ku
10. _szu-kam-mi lugal_-ri
11. [_en_]-ia 3(u) _gu4-mesz_
12. [x _ud5-mesz_ x is,-s,u2]-ra-te
1. [...] x x
2. [x x] al#-lu-u2-me
3. [a]-na# _en_ x x x _kur#{ki}_
4. szal-mu u a-na-ku
5. nu-kur-tu4
  single ruling
  blank space