CUSAS 15, 189 (P270803)

Tablet excavated in Uncertain (mod. uncertain), and now kept in Rare Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York, USA

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1. [...] x
2. [...] ak
3. [...] du#? mu
4. [...] x e
5. [... ina] _ka# {d}5(u) sag10_
 en: By command of Enlil he wil have luck
6. [...] i-hi-ri
7. [...] ina s,i-bit-ti _e3_
8. _dub ninda gu7 x x x dingir-mesz_
9. _dub ninda_ dam-qa _gu7_
 en: tablet: He will eat fine bread
10. _dub zalag2_-ra _igi_
 en: tablet: He will see the light
11. _dub_ ina _ka {d}en-lil2_ szi-ra _igi_
 en: tablet: By command of Enlil he will see the dawn
12. _dub idim arhusz tuku_-szi
 en: tablet: A noble will show mercy
  blank space
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