RIME, ex. 01 (P270027)

Official or display brick excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period and now kept in Penn Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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object brick
surface a
1. {d}li-pi2-it-esz4-tar2
2. sipa sun5-na
3. nibru{ki}
4. engar zi
5. uri5{ki}-ma
6. musz3 nu-tum2-mu
7. eridu{ki}-ga
8. en me-te
9. unu{ki}-ga
10. lugal i3-si-in{ki}-na
11. lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri
12. sza3-ge de6-a
13. {d}inanna
14. lugal nig2-si-sa2
15. ki-en-gi ki-uri-a
16. i3-ni-in-gar-ra
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