CDLI Literary 000565, ex. 002 (P262168)

Literary letter and letter-prayer tablet excavated in Nippur (mod. Nuffar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in Penn Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  beginning broken
1'. [a-na-asz-am3 ge26-e] u3 nu-zu-mu-ta [za-e szu gar] lugal#-zu li-bi2-in-gi4
2'. [a2-sze 2(disz) li]-mu-um erin2 lu2 {gesz}szukur
3'. [2(disz) li-mu]-um# erin2 lu2 {gesz}pan
4'. [2(disz) li-mu-um] erin2 lu2 dur10-dur10?-tab-ba [im-mu]-e-szi-[sar]
5'. [lu2-kur2 iri-gibil]-a# al-dur2-ru-ne#-[esz]
6'. [ki-tusz-bi]-ta# sar-bi2-ib
7'. [kin-sze3 szu i3-gar]-re-ne nam-bi2-ib-sze-ga
8'. [iri dili-dili za3-ba] za3-zu-a [en-nu]-ug3#-bi ak-ak?-bi-ib?
9'. [iri-bi szu-zu-ta] la-ba-ra-e3-e11?
10'. [nam-lu2-ulu3-zu gar-bi2-ib] a#-ma#-ru#-kam
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