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CUSAS 12, 6.1.2 (P252191)

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external_resources ARMEP
external_resources_key P252191

20041215 schoeyen_catalogue

designation CUSAS 12, 6.1.2
artifact_type tablet
period ED IIIb (ca. 2500-2340 BC)
provenience uncertain (mod. uncertain)
composites needed
museum_no MS 3200
is_provenience_uncertain 0
is_period_uncertain 1
is_artifact_type_uncertain 0
is_school_text 0
collections Schøyen Collection, Oslo, Norway
genres Lexical
genres_comment ED Sign List D
genres_uncertain 0
languages Sumerian
languages_uncertain 0
materials clay
materials_uncertain 0
publications_key Civil2010-1
publications_type primary
publications_exact_ref 6.1.2
retired 0
has_fragments 0
is_artifact_fake 0

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