CUSAS 12, 2.1.1 (P251684)

Lexical tablet excavated in Uncertain (mod. uncertain), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in Schøyen Collection, Oslo, Norway

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Schøyen Collection, Oslo, Norway

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MS 2656


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


uncertain (mod. uncertain)

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Lexical (Kagal)





column 1
  beginning broken
1'. [...] x x
 en: ...
2'. [abul] muzug2
 en: Gate of impurity
3'. [abul] {d}nin-lil2-la2
 en: Gate of Ninlil
4'. [x] x x
 en: ...
5'. [abul] a2#-sikil-la2
 en: Gate of purity
6'. abul# nig2-ku5-da
 en: Gate of the Nigku taxes
7'. hu-da-du-um
 en: clay pit?
8'. eszszeb
 en: clay pit?
9'. x-DU?
10'. kisal# bar-ra
 en: outer courtyard
11'. ka2
 en: gate
12'. [ka2] bar-ra
 en: outer gate
13'. [ka2] tillax(|ASZ.AN.ASZ|)
 en: gate on the street
14'. [ka2] e2-gal
 en: palace gate
15'. [ka2] x-a
 en: ... gate
16'. [ka2] a2#-sikil-la2
 en: gate of the brewer
17'. [ka2] gu#-la
 en: large gate
18'. [ka2 x? igi] gal2
 en: ... gate
19'. [ka2 gesz]-kin#-ti
 en: gate of the workshop
20'. [ka2] mah
 en: great gate
21'. [ka2 {gi}]ma-sa2-ab
 en: gate of the masab basket
23'. e2
 en: house
24'. ka2
 en: gate
25'. ka2
 en: gate
  2 lines traces
28'. [e2 en]-nu-[ug3]
 en: prison
29'. [e2]-dub-ba-[a]
 en: scribal school
30'. [e2] EZEN? [...]
 en: ... house
31'. [e2] gu#?-la#?
 en: great house
32'. [e2] x x
 en: ... house
33'. [e2] x-a
 en: ... house
  rest broken
column 2
  beginning broken
1'. e2 gul#-la#
 en: destroyed house
2'. e2 gul-la
 en: destroyed house
3'. e2 gul-la
 en: destroyed house
4'. e2 si3-ke
 en: ... house
5'. e2 szu#-szum-ma
 en: warehouse?
  sic; szum for szum2
6'. e2 szu-gi4-na
 en: storage for szuagina offerings
7'. e2 en-nu-ga2
 en: prison
8'. e2 ki en-nu-ga2
 en: prison
9'. e2 di#
 en: law court
10'. e2 di si3-ke
 en: house where justice is administered
11'. e2 sag-IM
 en: ... house
12'. e2 til3
 en: house of life
13'. e2 si-ga
 en: silent house
14'. e2 bur12-ra
 en: torn-out house
15'. e2 ku5-da
 en: isolated house
16'. e2 ki-se3-ga
 en: chapel for funerary offerings
17'. e2 ka5-a
 en: fox house
18'. e2 bibad{muszen}
 en: duck house
19'. e2 SAL-x
 en: ... house
20'. e2 DI-am3
 en: ... house
21'. e2 nam-x-x
 en: ... house
22'. e2 iri bar-ra
 en: suburban house
23'. e2 iri sza3-ga
 en: town house
24'. e2 da?
 en: side room
25'. e2 x
 en: ... house
26'. e2-ur5-ra
 en: debtor's prison
27'. e2-kinkin2
 en: mill
28'. e2 ka?-us2-[sa]
 en: house of the ka'usa functionary
  or sag-us2-[sa]?
29'. e2 ukken-na#
 en: assembly house
30'. e2 a2-ag2-[ga2]
 en: assignment house
31'. e2 nig2-<szu>-taka4?-[a]
 en: house of the nigszutaka gift
32'. e2 nir-da
 en: house of crime
33'. e2 szer7-da
 en: house of crime
34'. e2 nam-tag
 en: house of sin
35'. e2 nam-tag
 en: house of sin
36'. e2 usz-bar
 en: weaver's workshop
37'. e2 x
 en: ... house
38'. e2 x
 en: ... house
39'. [e2] gi#?-sig#?-[ga]
 en: house with a fence
  rest broken
column 1
  beginning broken
1'. [e2] x x
 en: ...
2'. [e2]-zi-da#?
 en: True House
  Temple of Marduk at Borsippa
3'. [e2]-sanga-mah#
 en: House of the Exalted Purifier
  Temple of Kusu
4'. e2# be2-li2-{d}da-[...]
 en: House ... My Lord is Da[gan?]
5'. e2-gal-mah
 en: Exalted Palace
  Temple of Gula at Isin
6'. e2-sa-bad
 en: Esabad (Temple of Gula at Isin)
7'. e2 AN-IM?-DU3?
 en: ...
8'. e2-a-ra-li
 en: House Netherworld
  Shrine of Dumuzi in Badtibira?
9'. e2-gal an-ne2
 en: palace (reaching) to the sky
10'. e2 u2-ma
 en: house of triumph
11'. e2-me-zi-da
 en: House of the True Me's
  Temple of Enki
12'. e2-hi!(KUR)-li#
 en: House of Luxuriance
  Temple of Utu at Ur
13'. e2 x
 en: ...
14'. e2 x
 en: ...
15'. e2 gesz-[...]
 en: ...
16'. e2-an-na#
 en: House of Heaven
  Temple of An and Inanna at Uruk
17'. e2 HI-x
 en: ...
18'. e2-sza3-hul2-la
 en: House of the Happy Heart
  Temple of Inanna at Kazallu
19'. e2-nim-ma
 en: High House
  a shrine
20'. e2-sukud-ta
 en: High House
  Temple of Inanna
21'. e2-sar-ra
 en: Esara
  Temple of Inanna at Adab
22'. e2-ul-[masz]
 en: temple of Inanna at Ulmasz
23'. e2-hur-sag-galam-[ma]
 en: House, Mountainrange of the Land
  Temple of Inanna at Kisz
24'. e2 x-x ki galam-ma
 en: House ...
25'. e2-an#-za#?-gar3
 en: House of the Tower
  Temple of Inanna at Akszak
26'. e2-ib-gal
 en: House, Big Chapel
  Temple of Inanna at Umma
27'. e2 x-me-DU
 en: ...
28'. e2-bara2-dur2-gar-ra
 en: House, Dais of the Throne
  Temple of Inanna at Nippur
29'. e2-me#-husz?-ni2-gur3-ru
 en: House that Carries the Fierce Me's
30'. e2 x ukken?
 en: ...
31'. e2 na4 KA-UD-KAK
 en: ...
32'. e2-galam-ta-ni2-gur3-ru
 en: House that carries Dread from the Land
  Temple of Inannana at Zabalam
33'. e2 nun
 en: princely house
34'. agrun
 en: cella
35'. e2-hur-sag
 en: House Mountainrange
  Temple of SZulgi at Ur
36'. e2 puzur4-isz!-{d}gan-da
 en: House Under the Protection of Dagan
  administrative center
37'. e2-me-ur4-ur4
 en: House which Gathers the Me's
  temple of Inanna at Larsa
38'. e2-mar-uru5#?
 en: House of the Deluge
  Temple of Inanna at Isin
39'. e2-babbar?
 en: White House
  Temple of Utu
40'. e2-di-ku5-kalam-ma
 en: House of the Judge of the Land
  Temple of Utu
41'. e2-musz3-kalam-ma
 en: House, Appearance of the land
  Temple of Dumuzi
42'. e2-ninnu
 en: House Fifty
  Temple of Ningirsu at girsu
43'. [e2]-tar-sir2#-[sir2]
 en: Temple of Baba at Irikug
44'. e2#-BUR2
  line not visible on photograph
45'. [e2 ...]-gid2#-da
  line not visible on photograph
  rest broken
column 2
  beginning broken
1'. x x x
 en: ...
2'. x x x
 en: ...
3'. x x x
 en: ...
4'. aszlug#
 en: storeroom
5'. arah4#
 en: storehouse
6'. [e2] usz gid2-da
 en: storeroom
7'. szutum2#
 en: storehouse
8'. [e2] sa10
 en: shop
9'. [e2] szakanka
 en: marketplace
10'. e2# he2-gal2
 en: house of plenty
11'. e2 he2-gal2
 en: house of prosperity
12'. e2 la2
 en: empty (idle?) house
13'. e2 gu2 kar-ra
 en: house on the quay
14'. e2 du-un-nu#-um#
 en: fortified house
15'. e2 bur-[sag]
 en: strorehouse of the bursag offering
16'. e2 bur-gi#
 en: storehouse of the burgia offering
17'. e2 bur-ra
 en: storehouse of the bur offering
18'. e2 KAL?
 en: ...
19'. e2 sikil
 en: storehouse in a temple
20'. e2 dag-si-a
 en: ...
21'. e2 gag-ga TAR
 en: ...
22'. e2 lugal?
 en: royal house
23'. e2 kin?-gi4
 en: messenger house
24'. e2 |DAG.KISIM5xX|-ra
25'. e2 dam
 en: spousal house
26'. e2 ur5-ra
 en: house with a mortgage
27'. e2 duh-a
 en: house that is released
28'. e2 ga-an-tusz
 en: house (inhabited by) a tenant
29'. e2 ni2 dub2-bu
 en: room for relaxing
30'. e2 ki-na2
 en: bedroom
31'. [e2] USZ?-x
 en: ...
32'. [e2 ...]-e gid2-da#
 en: ...
33'. x x x
 en: ...
34'. x x x
 en: ...
  rest broken

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
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  • Civil, Miguel. 2010. The Lexical Texts in the Schøyen Collection. Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology (CUSAS), Volume 12. Bethesda, Maryland: CDL Press. [CUSAS 12 2.1.1 (Civil2010CUSAS12)]


  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: MS 2656
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2016-09-11 at 13:46:30 Englund, Robert K. atf Englund, Robert K. Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts CDLI approved View
2004-12-15 at 00:00:00 CDLI artifact Bartash, Vitali; Dahl, Jacob L.; Foxvog, Daniel A.; Guerra, Dylan; Johnson, J. Cale; Stadhouders, Henry CDLI approved View

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