RINBE 1, Nebuchadnezzar II nn, ex. nn (P247876)

Official or display brick excavated in Babylon (mod. Bābil), dated to the Neo-Babylonian (ca. 626-539 BC) period and now kept in Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA

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object brick
surface a
1. [1(disz) {d}na3-nig2-du-u2-s,u-ur2 _lugal_] babila#{ki} za-ni-in# [e2-sag-il2 u3 e2-zi-da]
2. [_ibila_ sza {d}na3-ibila-u2-s,u-ur2 _lugal_] babila#{ki} a-na-ku _e2#-[gal_ mu-sza-ab _lugal_-ti-ia]
3. [i-na er-s,e-et babila{ki}] sza# qe2-reb ba-bi-lam#[{ki} e-pu-usz]
4. [i-na i-ra-at ki-gal-lum i]-szi#-id-sa [u2-sza-ar-szi-id-ma]
5. [i-na _esir-e2-a_ u3 _sig4-al-ur]-ra#_ u2-za#-[aq-qi2-ir-sza hu-ur2-sa-ni-isz]
6. [qi2-bi-tu-uk-ka _igi-gal2 dingir-dingir_ {d}marduk] _e2#_ e#-[pu-szu la-la-sza lu-usz-bu]
7. [i-na qe2-re-bi-sza i-na ba-bi-i-lu{ki} szi-bu-ti lu-uk-szu-ud lu-usz-ba-a li-it-tu-ti]
8. [li-pu-u2-a i-na qe2-re-bi-sza a-na da-ri2-a-tim s,a-al-ma-at qa2-qa2-dam li-bi-e-lu]
surface b
1. [1(disz) {d}na3-nig2-du-u2-s,u-ur2 _lugal_ babila{ki} za-ni-in e2-sag-il2 u3 e2-zi-da]
2. [_ibila_ sza {d}na3-ibila-u2-s,u-ur2 _lugal_ babila{ki} a-na-ku _e2-gal_ mu-sza-ab _lugal_-ti-ia]
3. [i-na er-s,e-et babila{ki} sza qe2-reb ba-bi-lam{ki} e-pu-usz]
4. [i-na i-ra-at ki-gal-lum i-szi-id-sa u2-sza-ar-szi-id-ma]
5. [i-na _esir-e2-a_ u3 _sig4]-al#-ur-ra_ u2#-za#-aq#-[qi2-ir-sza hu-ur2-sa-ni-isz]
6. [qi2-bi-tu-uk-ka _igi-gal2 dingir]-dingir_ {d}marduk _e2_ e-pu-[szu la-la-sza lu-usz-bu]
7. [i-na qe2-re-bi-sza i-na ba]-bi-i-lu{ki} szi-bu-ti lu-uk#-[szu-ud lu-usz-ba-a li-it-tu-ti]
8. [li-pu-u2-a i-na qe2-re-bi]-sza a-na da-ri2-a-tim s,a#-[al-ma-at qa2-qa2-dam li-bi-e-lu]
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