Subartu 02, 076 (P227255)

Administrative tablet excavated in Uncertain (mod. Beydar), dated to the Ebla (ca. 2350-2250 BC) period and now kept in National Museum of Syria, Der-ez-Zor, Syria

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column 1
1. szu-kab-ba4 2(barig@c)
2. a-za-zu2 1(barig@c)
3. dam 4(asz@c) 2(barig@c) 4(ban2@c)
4. X3
column 2
1. in
2. 3(asz@c) iti-sar 4(barig@c) 3(ban2@c)
3. sze gu7
4. il2-e-i-szar
column 1
1. 2(barig@c) 3(ban2@c)
2. lu2-gesz-DU 5(u@c)
3. in 1(u@c) 1(asz@c) u4
column 2
1. 2(asz@c) gur
2. iti-sar {d}be-li2 su-lum{ki}
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