AAICAB 1/1, pl. 079, 1932-283 (P142864)

Legal tablet excavated in Nippur (mod. Nuffar), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK


1. 1(disz) gurusz i-din-{d}da-gan#
2. mu-ni-im tur a-bi-sza-ru-um
3. ezem-ezem uruda giri3-na in-gal2-am3
4. a-bi-sza-ru-um-e3
5. szu du8-a-ni ba-x-gub
6. ezem-ezem giri3-na in-du8
7. u4 i-din-{d}da-gan nagar
8. ba-zah3?-da
9. mu-ne-sze3
1. a-bi-sza-ru-um-e?
2. 1(asz) x x x
3. gesz-kin-ti in-tum2-mu-a
4. mu lugal-bi in-pa3
  blank space
5. iti kin-{d}inanna
6. mu# {gesz}gu-[za]-mah [{d}]nin-lil2-la2 ba-dim2
seal 1
1. a-bi-sza-ru-um
2. dumu ga-an-za-x
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