UET 9, 1001 (P139131)

Administrative tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

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1. 1(asz) 4(barig) 1(ban2) 5(disz) sila3 sze#-ba
2. iti ezem-{d}szul-gi
3. 1(asz) 4(barig) 1(ban2) 5(disz) sila3 gur
4. iti szu-esz-sza
5. NIG2#? [...] nin x
  rest broken
  beginning broken
1'. [...]
2'. mu bad3# [gal] ba-du3
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