TUT 225 (P135819)

Letter tablet excavated in Girsu (mod. Tello), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

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1. 1(barig) sze ur-sukkal
2. 1(barig) szesz-kal-la
3. 1(barig) sag-{d}nanna
4. 1(barig) lu2-{d}[ba]-ba6
5. 1(barig) ur-{d}a-zi-mu2-a
6. 1(barig) ur-{d}ba-ba6
7. 1(barig) ur-mes
8. 1(barig) lu2-{d}inanna
9. 1(barig) ur-nig2
1. 1(barig) lugal#-{gesz}gigir-re!
2. 2(asz) gur
3. ma2-lah5# ma2 lugal-sze3! DU-me
4. iti amar-a-a-si
5. ur-{gesz}gigir-ra u3-na#-a-du11!
6. ha-ma-ab-[szum2]-mu
7. mu ma2-gur8-mah ba-dim2
seal 1
1. gal-x-x
2. dub-sar
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