OrSP 47-49, 347 (P125237)

Plan or Drawing tablet excavated in Umma (mod. Tell Jokha), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

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  (field plan with dimensions and measures)
1. 2(esze3) 3(iku) GAN2# [...]
2. a-sza3 e2-nirx(|MIR.ZA|)#
3. {d}nin-ak-{d}suen
4. mu us2#-sa en-unu6-gal {d}inanna# ba-hun
5. 1(esze3) 4(iku) GAN2# x-[x] de6-a
6. {d}nin-hur-sag# du6#-kar-sag-ga2
7. 1(esze3) GAN2 4(asz) gur [...] x du6-hul2-{d}utu
8. 2(esze3) GAN2 2(u) 4(asz) gur
  sic insertion
9. {d}ne3-eri11-gal a-za-ru-um-da-gi{ki}
10. 2(esze3) 3(iku) GAN2 a-e de6-a
11. {d}nin-hur-sag gar-si4-da{ki}
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