NYPL 063 (P122599)

Administrative tablet excavated in Umma (mod. Tell Jokha), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in New York Public Library, New York, New York, USA

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1. 3(bur3) GAN2 gesz-ur3-ra
2. a-ra2 2(disz) 4(iku) 1/2(iku) GAN2-ta
3. a2 erin2-na-bi u4 1(gesz2) 1(u) 2(disz)
4. a-sza3 {d}nin-ur4-ra du6-na-ka
5. nu-banda3-gu4 i7-pa-e3
1. kiszib3 e2-gal-e-si
2. mu {d}szu-{d}suen lugal-e na-ru2-a-mah mu-du3
seal 1
1. e2-gal-e-si
2. dub-sar
3. dumu lu2-{d}szara2
4. sa12-du5-ka
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