MVN 03, 283 (P113843)

Administrative tablet excavated in Puzriš-Dagan (mod. Drehem), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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1. [x] udu x
2. [x] sila4
3. e-du-a
4. 2(disz) amar masz-da3-munus
5. ur-mes ensi2
6. 1(disz) sila4 er3-ra-ga-szi-ir
7. 1(disz) sila4 er3-ra-ha-bi-it
8. mu-kux(DU) lugal
9. in-ta-e3-a
1. i3-dab5
2. giri3 {d}nanna-ma-ba dub-sar
3. u4 1(u) 4(disz)-kam
4. iti ezem-{d}nin-a-zu
5. mu {d}szu-{d}suen lugal uri5{ki}-ma-ke4 [ma2]-gur8-mah [{d}]en-lil2 [{d}nin]-lil2-ra mu-ne-dim2
1. [x] udu 2(disz) masz-da3
seal 1
1. {d}nanna-ma-ba
2. dub-sar
3. dumu u2-na-ab-sze-en6
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