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publications_exact_ref pl. 37, W 9123,q; ; ; p. 10 obv. (c) pl. 037, W 9123,q
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20011204 protocuneiform_catalogue

designation ATU 5, pl. 037, W 9123,q
artifact_type tablet
period Uruk IV (ca. 3350-3200 BC)
provenience Uruk (mod. Warka)
museum_no VAT 14939
is_provenience_uncertain 0
is_period_uncertain 0
is_artifact_type_uncertain 0
is_school_text 0
height 69.0
thickness 27.0
width 47.0
excavation_no W 09123,q
findspot_square Qa XVI,3
findspot_comments unter der Abgleichung der Schicht III, 1,5 m über der Höhe des Kalksteinsockels, 4,5 m SW von erhaltener Ecke// t.a.q. IIIc
collections Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
genres Administrative
genres_uncertain 0
languages undetermined
languages_uncertain 0
materials clay
materials_uncertain 0
publications_key Englund1994;1429170
publications_type primary;history
publications_exact_ref pl. 037, W 9123,q
publications_comment 69x47x27, same locus as W 9123,a1, ATU 1, 314, 5.1.1931, the text seems to contain the summations of two accounts dealing with rams and he-goats.
retired 0
has_fragments 0
is_artifact_fake 0

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