AAS 199 (P100179)

Administrative tag excavated in Uncertain (mod. uncertain), dated to the Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC) period and now kept in College de France, Paris, France

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object tag
1. pisan-dub-ba
 en: Basket-of-tablets:
2. mu didli sze-ba
 en: various years, barley rations,
3. sze erin2-na
 en: barley of the (labor-)troops
4. u3 sza3-bi su-ga
 en: and therefroms, restitutions,
5. nig2-ka9 sze-ka
 en: accounts of barley,
  blank space
1. i3-gal2#
 en: are here;
  blank space
2. mu {d}szu#-{d}suen# lugal uri5{ki#}-ma-ke4 ma2-dara3-abzu# {d}en-ki-ka bi2-in-du8
 en: year: “By Šu-Suen, king of Ur, the boat ‘Ibex-of-Apsu’ of Enki was caulked.”
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