Lineart of CDLI Literary 000334, ex. 019 (P260876)

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Visual assets of this artifact

Type of visual asset Artifact aspect
photo View
rti obverse View
rti reverse View

File information

File format jpg
File size 0 MiB
Image size x
Image color
( bit)


ImageWidth 1459
ImageLength 2310
BitsPerSample [8,8,8]
Compression 1
PhotometricInterpretation 2
Orientation 1
SamplesPerPixel 3
XResolution 1500000/10000
YResolution 1500000/10000
PlanarConfiguration 1
ResolutionUnit 2
Software Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh
DateTime 2014:08:18 11:25:07
Exif_IFD_Pointer 256


ColorSpace 1
ExifImageWidth 1459
ExifImageLength 2310
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