A Minnesota Estate

CDLN 2007:2

Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (ISSN: 1546-6566)

Published on 2007-08-24

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Robert K. Englund

University of California Los Angeles

In the late 1990's, Stephen Osman of Minneapolis, Minnesota, purchased a small cuneiform tablet at a local estate sale. The purchase price was five dollars. Through a generous and informative correspondence with the owner, I am able to offer below the text from Ur III Umma in line art copy, transliteration and translation. It dates to the 6th month of Amar-Suen 4 (thus late fall, ca. 2040 BC), and measures 37 x 37 x 16mm.


  Osman 1 Translation
obv. 2(barig) še-ba lugal 2(barig, ca. 120 liters) of ration barley (according to the)
royal (measure)
  nin?-ur2-ra-ni for Nin-urani
   ki na-ba-sa2-ta from Nabasa,
  kišib a-da-ga sealed document of Adaga.
  iti šu-numun Month: “Sowing” (6th month, Umma calendar).
rev. mu en dnanna maš-e i3-pa3 Year: “The en-priestess of Nanna was chosen through
(Amar-Suen 4).
  (seal impression)  
seal ur-dli9-si4 Ur-Lisi,
   ensi2 ensi
  ummaki of Umma:
  a-da-ga Adaga,
  dub-sar the scribe,
   ARAD2-zu is your servant.


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